Harm Reduction Reading Group Meeting with Guest Speaker Dani Singer: Drug Taking as Part of the Human Experience

The harm reduction reading group will be discussing drug taking as part of the human experience with guest speaker Dani Singer.

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The Harm Reduction Reading Group welcomes Dani Singer from Safe Only Ltd. as their guest speaker to discuss drug taking as part of the human experience. 

The reading for this meeting is a selection of pages from Close to the Knives by David Wojnarowicz. The selected reading pages can be found here

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Dani Singer, Safe Only Ltd

"Hi, I'm Dani, and I've been a harm reduction geek since my first bump. I've worked in all kinds of support services, including addiction recovery, where I've picked up some beautiful and some atrocious practice when it comes to harm reduction. More recently I started Safe Only with my lovely friend Yannis, offering security, welfare, medic and harm reduction services to nightlife settings (and beyond), from an abolitionist perspective. I've just started playing the recorder"


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