Estimating HIV Incidence: Experiences from the ALPHA Network

This is the third webinar part of the Measurement & Surveillance of HIV Epidemics (MeSH) Consortium series: Strengthening routine HIV data – A female researcher’s perspective. This webinar will be presented by Dr Malebogo Tlhajoane and Julie Ambia from the ALPHA Network at LSHTM. During the session, they will:  

  • provide a brief background of the ALPHA Network 
  • describe some measures of HIV incidence used by the ALPHA Network 
  • share preliminary findings from an ongoing study seeking to estimate HIV incidence among women attending antenatal services in Siaya County, Kenya using cross-sectional recency assays 


Dr Malebogo Tlhajoane, LSHTM  

Malebogo is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department for Population Health at the LSHTM. Her work is with the ALPHA Network with a focus on HIV risk behaviours across the life course and HIV recency testing for surveillance, as well as with the Rapid Mortality Mobile Phone Survey Consortium. Prior to this, she completed her PhD at Imperial College London, working within the Manicaland Centre for Public Health to explore the delivery of HIV treatment services in rural Zimbabwe.  

Julie Ambia, LSHTM and University of Nairobi  

Julie is a research consultant with the ALPHA Network based in Kenya. Julie has a background in demography and health, with a strong emphasis on HIV. At present, her work is focused on the measurement of HIV incidence among women visiting antenatal clinics in Siaya County, Kenya. More specifically on: 

  • evaluating selection biases between women attending antenatal clinics and women in the general population 
  • evaluating record linkage between antenatal clinics and the Siaya County health and demographic surveillance system
  • validating clinic record antiretroviral therapy status with a biomarker for antiretroviral detection

Please note that the recording link will be listed on this page when available


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