Dr Malebogo Tlhajoane

Research Fellow - Programme Manager

United Kingdom

I have a BSc in Biology from Union College, Schenectady (NY), an MSc in the Control of Infectious Diseases from LSHTM, an MRes in Biomedical Research, and PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Imperial College London.


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, including health systems and HIV service delivery, population-based estimates of HIV incidence and associated risk factors, and the use of cross-sectional HIV incidence assays for surveillance. Mobile Phone Surveys in Sub-Saharan Africa, COVID-19, mortality surveillance, mobile technologies for health, health equity, health services research.

At present my work is with the ALPHA Network, the RAMMPS Consortium, and the International Centre for Eye Health.

Selected Publications

Comparison of programmatic data from antenatal clinics with population-based HIV prevalence estimates in the era of universal test and treat in western Kenya.
Ambia, J; Romero-Prieto, JE; Kwaro, D; RISHER, K; Khagayi, S; CALVERT, C; Obor, D; TLHAJOANE, M; Odongo, F; MARSTON, M; SLAYMAKER, E; Rice, B; Kabudula, CW; Eaton, JW; RENIERS, G;
PloS one
Increased Age Heaping in Mobile Phone Surveys Conducted in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries
Helleringer, S; Lau, SW; Luhar, S; Banda, J; Lankoande, B; TLHAJOANE, M; RENIERS, G;
Socius : sociological research for a dynamic world
Collecting mortality data via mobile phone surveys: A non-inferiority randomized trial in Malawi.
Chasukwa, M; Choko, AT; Muthema, F; Nkhalamba, MM; Saikolo, J; TLHAJOANE, M; RENIERS, G; Dulani, B; Helleringer, S;
PLOS Global Public Health
Collecting mortality data via mobile phone surveys: a non-inferiority randomized trial in Malawi
Chasukwa, M; Choko, A; Muthema, F; Nkahlamba, M; Saikolo, J; TLHAJOANE, M; RENIERS, G; Dulani, B; Helleringer, S;
Age patterns of HIV incidence in eastern and southern Africa: a modelling analysis of observational population-based cohort studies.
RISHER, KA; Cori, A; RENIERS, G; MARSTON, M; CALVERT, C; CRAMPIN, A; Dadirai, T; Dube, A; Gregson, S; Herbst, K; Lutalo, T; Moorhouse, L; Mtenga, B; Nabukalu, D; NEWTON, R; PRICE, AJ; TLHAJOANE, M; TODD, J; TOMLIN, K; Urassa, M; Vandormael, A; Fraser, C; SLAYMAKER, E; Eaton, JW; ALPHA Network,;
The lancet. HIV
The temporalities of policymaking: The case of HIV test-and-treat policy adoption in Zimbabwe.
Moran, M; Skovdal, M; Mpandaguta, E; Maswera, R; Kadzura, N; Dzamatira, F; Nyamukapa, C; Gregson, S; TLHAJOANE, M;
Health & place
A longitudinal review of national HIV policy and progress made in health facility implementation in Eastern Zimbabwe.
TLHAJOANE, M; Masoka, T; Mpandaguta, E; Rhead, R; CHURCH, K; WRINGE, A; Kadzura, N; Arinaminpathy, N; Nyamukapa, C; Schur, N; Mugurungi, O; Skovdal, M; Eaton, JW; Gregson, S;
Health research policy and systems
From policy to practice: exploring the implementation of antiretroviral therapy access and retention policies between 2013 and 2016 in six sub-Saharan African countries.
AMBIA, J; RENJU, J; WRINGE, A; TODD, J; Geubbels, E; NAKIYINGI-MIIRO, J; Urassa, M; Lutalo, T; CRAMPIN, AC; Kwaro, D; Kyobutungi, C; Chimbindi, N; Gomez-Olive, FX; TLHAJOANE, M; Njamwea, B; ZABA, B; MEE, P;
BMC health services research
Prevalence and Associations of Psychological Distress, HIV Infection and HIV Care Service Utilization in East Zimbabwe.
TLHAJOANE, M; Eaton, JW; Takaruza, A; Rhead, R; Maswera, R; Schur, N; Sherr, L; Nyamukapa, C; Gregson, S;
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