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Estimating the global disease burden associated with post-TB sequelae

Nick Menzies, Harvard T.H. Chan
Nick Menzies, Harvard T.H. Chan

Many individuals who survive TB disease face ongoing disability and elevated mortality. However, these post-tuberculosis sequelae are generally omitted from policy analyses and disease burden estimates. Misestimating the burden of TB could distort resource allocation and intervention choices.  

This presentation describes methods developed to estimate the lifetime disease burden caused by TB, using disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) to summarise fatal and non-fatal health losses attributable to tuberculosis, during the disease episode and afterwards. These methods are demonstrated in an analysis that re-estimates global TB disease burden inclusive of post-TB, for the cohort of individuals developing incident TB disease in 2019. 


Nick Menzies is Associate Professor of Global Health in the Department of Global Health and Population, and part of the core faculty of the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science. Professor Menzies uses decision science and quantitative research to understand the consequences of policies to combat major infectious diseases and help design effective disease control programs when resources are limited. 


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