​​Epiverse TRACE: Spring 2023 showcase​

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​​The Spring 2023 showcase will feature demos of the epiCo, serofoi and sivirep packages from the Latin American Chapter of the Epiverse TRACE initiative. Participants will have the opportunity to:  

  • ​Learn about the purpose and key features of the package  

  • ​Hear about tips & tricks  

  • ​Ask questions and suggest areas for further development  ​

The purpose of these showcases is to convene members of the community at semi-regular intervals to demonstrate the features and functionality of tools within the Epiverse-TRACE ecosystem and respond to queries from members of the community, provide space for members of the wider community to demo their group’s tool and provide a forum for general questions and discussion. 

​The event is open to all members of the community working on epidemic preparedness and response, including academic analytics groups and data analysts/engineers working in public health agencies.  

​Future showcases will present an opportunity for members of the community to showcase their own packages and package concepts. If you would be interested in participating in a future showcase, please reach out to ​ 




Please note this event takes place at 18:30 - 19:30 BST or 12:30 - 13:30 COT 



Free and open to all, online. No registration required. Follow the webinar link.


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