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Eating Water – How climate change, food production and fresh water connect us all


This event is part of the first ever London Climate Action Week (LCAW) which will take place between 1 to 8 July.

Water is a scarce but vital resource for population health, food production and the environment. Climate change is currently putting further pressure on the world’s fresh water sources – and will continue to do so in the future if no action is taken. In this community engagement session we will discuss how climate change, water and food systems connect all of us around the world. We will discuss how our dietary choices could have an impact on water quality and availability elsewhere in the world – sometimes with far reaching consequences – and will elaborate on the links between climate change, water and conflict. We will explore opportunities for more sustainable, resilient and healthy food choices, that would suit a UK context. The public will be asked to share their opinion through several polls - highlighting issues in the climate change, water and population health nexus.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has recently launched the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health.  The Centre identifies and supports the implementation of solutions to the challenges to human health caused by climate and environmental change. This requires world-leading transdisciplinary research, increased understanding and engagement with planetary health evidence, and an empowered generation of planetary health researchers and advocates. This event will adhere to all of these principles. It is open and accessible to all.



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Open to all, seats available on first come, first served basis.