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Domestic violence and health sector responses: a case study from Palestine

Domestic violence is a global health and human rights issue that results in adverse physical and mental health consequences. Despite rising interest, there is still a research gap in trying to understand health system readiness and structural context to respond to domestic violence within the health sector. Additionally, there is a scarcity of studies from low-and-middle income countries that draw on implementation theories that may help us to understand how such intervention are made workable and sustainable in diverse contexts.

This talk will discuss a case study describing the development and implementation of a health intervention in the occupied Palestinian Territory to respond to domestic violence. The presentation will present the health systems readiness approach used in the formative phase and an integrative implementation theory used in pilot evaluation of HERA (Healthcare Responding to violence and Abuse).           


About the speakers

Loraine Bacchus is a social scientist who has focused her research on the evaluation of complex health system and service interventions that address violence against women and against men in same-sex relationships. She co-directs an NIHR Global Health Group on Health Systems Responses to Violence Against Women with the University of Bristol.

Manuela Colombini is a health systems and policy researcher. She developed a research niche connecting the specific fields of research in violence against women with health systems and policy in low- and middle-income settings. Currently, she collaborates with colleagues in Brazil, occupied Palestinian Territory, Nepal and Sri Lanka in an NIHR Global Health Group on Health System Responses to Violence Against Women.


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