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Developing a protocol for an evidence synthesis: lessons from a realist & Cochrane reviews

Tips & Tricks seminar series on Evidence Synthesis

The Centre for Evaluation is inviting you to the first seminar of its series ‘Tips & Tricks seminar series on Evidence Synthesis’. This series includes five seminars held every other Wednesday from 16 June to 11 August 2021 at 12.30-13.45 BST. Ten systematic review experts will present their work and share their experience on challenges and opportunities when embarking on complex evidence synthesis efforts. All key classic evidence synthesis ‘steps’ will be covered, from searching the literature to synthesising and presenting results.  

For the first seminar, we will host the two following speakers:  

  • Daniel J Carter will present his experience and reflections relating to his protocol for a realist review: ‘Causation in the realist framework: reviewing the evidence for the impact of social protection on tuberculosis treatment outcomes’.   
  • Dr Jane Dennis will share her vision and tips relating to protocols in her talk titled ‘Protocols for systematic reviews: minimum standards in context’. This includes the following questions: Why are protocols needed for systematic reviews? How and why do standards vary for student projects, grant applications, to reviews written for publication in Cochrane.

Please note that these seminars do not aim to replace existing training courses on evidence synthesis, but to provide students and members of staff with ideas and solutions to navigate ongoing or future evidence reviews.


Daniel J Carter, Research Fellow & PhD Candidate, Department of Public Health, Environments and Society, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)

Daniel is presently a statistician and social epidemiologist with the Sustainable Development Goals Health and Wellbeing Consortium. He has previously worked in the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health, in the Civil Service, and at the University of Oxford. His primary research interest is in the intersection of causal inference methodologies and the social determinants of infectious disease, particularly examining how forms of social protection might be used to address the social and structural drivers of TB & HIV infection. He is also an active member of Medact where he works on economic justice and COVID-19.  

Dr Jane Dennis, Editor of the Cochrane Injuries Group based at LSHTM

She has worked as an Editor/Managing Editor for five different review producing groups across the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations over 25 years - and on the other side of the desk, as a systematic review author herself at the University of Bristol Medical School. She has a keen interest in methods for systematic reviews from protocol development, to searching, to GRADE. She enjoys working with systematic review authors and considering innovations in dissemination of systematic review findings, particularly through data visualisation.

Please note that the recording link will be listed on this page when available


Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.


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