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Climate change and disasters

Planetary Health Perspective Seminars      

The media are full of doom-and-gloom stories about climate change causing weather disasters and, eventually, wiping out humanity. But is climate change really the fundamental problem? Or does it mask the true reasons that weather leads to disasters?

This talk shows how and why assumptions about climate change and disasters often bypass the real vulnerability reasons for death and destruction under extreme (and not-so-extreme) weather. Nonetheless, we need to be worried about climate change linked disasters from heat and sea-level rise.      


About the speaker


Ilan Kelman is Professor of Disasters and Health at University College London, England and a Professor II at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. His overall research interest is linking disasters and health, including the integration of climate change into disaster research and health research. That covers three main areas:

  1. disaster diplomacy and health diplomacy;
  2. island sustainability involving safe and healthy communities in isolated locations; and
  3. risk education for health and disasters





The webinar link will be announced soon. 


LSHTM Centre on Climate Change & Planetary Health


Webinar link to follow. Free and open to all.