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The Cave Film Screening

Photo credit: Dogwoof film
Photo credit: Dogwoof film
This event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


The Cave is a 2019 Syrian-Danish documentary film, it tells the harrowing true story of an underground Syrian hospital and its extraordinary staff. The film profiles Dr Amani Ballour, a female doctor in Ghouta who is operating a makeshift hospital nicknamed "the Cave" during the Syrian Conflict. It follows a dedicated team of female doctors who tirelessly treat casualties in this hospital while battling systemic sexism.   



Dr Amani Ballour, a paediatrician from Syria who ran an underground hospital in Eastern Ghouta in 2012-2018. She has been awarded the Council of Europe’s Raoul Wallenberg Prize for her personal courage, bravery and commitment in saving hundreds of lives during the Syrian conflict.

Dr Aula Abbara (Chair) is a consultant in Infectious Diseases at Imperial College NHS Trust and an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College, London. She is co-chair of the Syria Public Health Network and chair of Health Professionals for Global Health.

Dr Abdulkarim Ekzayez is a Syrian medical doctor and an epidemiologist. Currently, his work at King's College focuses on building the capacity to research health in the conflict in the middle east. He is also involved in several other projects and research with other academic and policy institutes including LSHTM, AUB, Chatham House and others.

Yazan Douedari is a Syrian activist, dentist, researcher, and a previous humanitarian worker. He has worked with several NGOs in Syria, Turkey, and the UK. Yazan is currently working on a research project about health system governance with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Mervat Alhaffar is a Syrian pharmacist. She worked in the private health sector in Syria. She holds an MSc in Public Health for Development from LSHTM. Currently, she works as a research assistant at the school.       


The event is co-hosted with SYRG (Syria Research Group), a part of LSHTM Security, Conflict, and Health Research (SCaHR) programme. 




No registration required. Seats available on first come, first served basis.