Best practices for data visualisation

Speakers at this seminar will discuss the new guide, “Best Practices for Data Visualisation” published by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

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​Good data visualisation requires appreciation and careful consideration of the technical aspects of data presentation. But it also involves a creative element. Authorial choices are made about the “story” we want to tell, and design decisions are driven by the need to convey that story most effectively to our audience. Software systems use default settings for most graphical elements. However, each visualisation has its own story to tell, and so we must actively consider and choose settings for the visualisation under construction. 
In July 2023, the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) published a new guide, “Best Practices for Data Visualisation”, containing insights, advice, and examples (with code) to make data outputs more readable, accessible, and impactful. The guide was initially written primarily for contributors to RSS publications but the information and advice within is also of broad relevance and use for any data visualisation task. The guide is open source, and has received contributions from the wider data visualisation and statistics communities. 

In this talk, Brian and Nicola will describe the motivation for creating the guide, describe its key recommendations to improve your data visualisations, and show you how to get involved. We'll show examples of different types of charts, and discuss as a group how they could be improved by applying the guidance. 


​​Brian Tarran, Royal Statistical Society

​Nicola Rennie, Lancaster University ​ 

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Free and open to all. No registration required.