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Applied Systems Thinking for Health Systems and Public Health Research

Jointly organised by the Centre for Evaluation, the Health Systems Research Group at the GHD and the Centre for Global Chronic Conditions 

Health systems are characterised by extraordinary complexity in relationships among stakeholders and the processes they create. Systems phenomena of massive interdependencies, organising and emergent behaviour, non-linearity and lagged feedback loops, path dependence and tipping points make health system behaviour difficult and sometimes impossible to predict or manage. Conventional reductionist approaches to public health and health systems research are inadequate for tackling the problems health systems pose. It is increasingly recognized that we need in public health a special set of approaches, methods and tools that derive from systems thinking perspectives.

Through a series of presentations and discussions, we will examine various innovative systems thinking methodologies that can be used.


Confirmed speakers include:

Dave Snowden, Founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge
Dina Balabanova, Associate Professor in Health Systems & Policy at LSHTM
Don de Savigny, Professor and Head, Health Systems Research Unit at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Harry Rutter, Senior Clinical Research Fellow at LSHTM
Karl Blanchet, Associate Professor in Health Systems Research at LSHTM
Josephine Borghi, Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy at LSHTM
Martin Reynolds, Senior Lecturer in Systems Thinking at the Open University
Natalie Savona, Research Fellow at LSHTM
Zaid Chalabi, Associate Professor in Mathematical Modelling at LSHTM


Free and open to all but registration via Eventbrite is REQUIRED