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AIDS your choice for life

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Dr Hannah J Elizabeth, a researcher for the Centre for History in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine introduces and leads discussion around the 1987 film AIDS your choice for life. This film made by BBC Milton Keynes for the Department of Education and Science and directed by Caroline Godley was aimed at young people about HIV and AIDS presented by Mike Smith and Vicky Licorish. The presenters discuss aspects of HIV and AIDS, such as how it is contracted, what it does to the body and how to minimise risk of contraction. Three people who have AIDS or HIV are interviewed about how they contracted the virus and how it has affected them. They give advice to viewers about how to prevent infection.           


About the speaker

Dr Hannah J. Elizabeth is a cultural historian of health and emotion currently researching the history of HIV-affected family life in Edinburgh. Her PhD examined the representation of HIV+ identities to children and adolescents in Britain, 1981-1997. She has recently been working on the Placing the Public in Public Health project in the Centre for History in Public Health, LSHTM.

Twitter: @sexhistorian

Publications on the history of sex education


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