Make it accessible (SensusAccess)

SensusAccess is a self-service solution for staff and students to convert files to formats based on individual needs. It allows the conversion of documents such as image, pdfs, jpegs, text files and others to a range of alternative file formats such as: e-book, text file, audio (mp3, DAISY) or braille. The tool can be used by LSHTM staff and students. Please consult the following links in the first instance if you have any queries about SensusAccess:

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if:

  • you own the copyright (eg it is your own work);
  • you have permission from the copyright holder;
  • the copyright has expired; or
  • the material is openly licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license; or
  • you, or the person you are making the copy for, have a visual impairment.

By making a copy, you agree that:

Use SensusAccess to convert a file

SensusAccess can be used with all modern browsers. If you do not see the form below, please ensure you have accepted cookies in your browser, as it may not work unless you have done this. If it still does not appear below, go to the SensusAccess form via this link. Using the web form, you simply:

  1. Alter the language settings of the web form by clicking on the flag of choice.
  2. Select the chosen source and follow the instructions provided on how you want it to be converted.
  3. Enter your LSHTM email address and submit. Important – you must have and use an email account linked to the School (eg, or for Distance Learning students You will not be able to use the service with any other email domain.
  4. Once your document is ready, you will receive an email in your LSHTM inbox with links to the refined resource.