Dr Matthew Yeo

Co-Programme Director

United Kingdom


Department of Infection Biology
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Selected Publications

Microevolution of Trypanosoma cruzi reveals hybridization and clonal mechanisms driving rapid genome diversification.
Matos, GM; LEWIS, MD; Talavera-López, C; YEO, M; Grisard, EC; MESSENGER, LA; MILES, MA; Andersson, B;
Comparative genomic analyses of Trypanosoma cruzi experimental hybrids
Matos, GM; LEWIS, MD; Talavera-López, C; YEO, M; Grisard, EC; Messenger, LA; MILES, MA; Andersson, B;
NCBI BioProject
Repeat-Driven Generation of Antigenic Diversity in a Major Human Pathogen, Trypanosoma cruzi.
Talavera-López, C; MESSENGER, LA; LEWIS, MD; YEO, M; Reis-Cunha, JL; Matos, GM; Bartholomeu, DC; Calzada, JE; Saldaña, A; Ramírez, JD; Guhl, F; Ocaña-Mayorga, S; Costales, JA; Gorchakov, R; Jones, K; Nolan, MS; Teixeira, SM R; Carrasco, HJ; Bottazzi, ME; Hotez, PJ; Murray, KO; Grijalva, MJ; Burleigh, B; Grisard, EC; MILES, MA; ... Andersson, B.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Genomic analysis of natural intra-specific hybrids among Ethiopian isolates of Leishmania donovani.
Cotton, JA; Durrant, C; Franssen, SU; Gelanew, T; Hailu, A; Mateus, D; Sanders, MJ; Berriman, M; Volf, P; MILES, MA; YEO, M;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Global genome diversity of the Leishmania donovani complex.
Franssen, SU; Durrant, C; Stark, O; Moser, B; Downing, T; Imamura, H; Dujardin, J-C; Sanders, MJ; Mauricio, I; MILES, MA; Schnur, LF; Jaffe, CL; Nasereddin, A; Schallig, H; YEO, M; BHATTACHARYYA, T; Alam, MZ; Berriman, M; Wirth, T; Schönian, G; Cotton, JA;
Comparative genomics and the improved diagnosis of trypanosomiasis and visceral leishmaniasis
BHATTACHARYYA, T; MARLAIS, T; Hinckel, B; Mateus, D; Le, H; Murphy, N; FONGWEN, N; YEO, M; Mertens, P; MILES, M;
Genomics and Clinical Diagnostics
Dissecting the phyloepidemiology of Trypanosoma cruzi I (TcI) in Brazil by the use of high resolution genetic markers.
Roman, F; Das Chagas Xavier, S; MESSENGER, LA; Pavan, MG; MILES, MA; Jansen, AM; YEO, M;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Hosts and vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units in the Chagas disease endemic region of the Paraguayan Chaco.
Acosta, N; López, E; LEWIS, MD; Llewellyn, MS; Gómez, A; Román, F; MILES, MA; YEO, M;
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