Dr Richard Wall

Research Fellow - Molecular Biology

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street
United Kingdom

Richard completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham before starting a research position in Prof Rita Tewari’s group working in a range of areas from parasite motility to cell division using the malaria model, Plasmodium berghei. He then moved to the University of Dundee to work on mode of action studies for new antiparasitic drugs in the group of Dr Susan Wyllie. This combined a myriad of genetic, proteomic and bioinformatic techniques to identify the target of new treatments against parasites that cause Chagas’ disease, Leishmaniasis, Sleeping Sickness and Malaria. Currently, he leads the lab of Prof Anil Koul at LSHTM with an aim to discover new drugs for the treatment of M. tuberculosis as well as investigating the underlying biology surrounding key drug targets.


Department of Infection Biology
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Richard regularly supervises lab-based summer project students and is a personal tutor for the MSc Medical Microbiology course. He also leads the group tutorials and is an assessor for the Novel Drug Discovery & AMR (3169) MSc module.


Richard's primary research objective is driving various TB drug discovery projects in close collaboration with our industry partner. His other interests include using saturation mutagenesis to identify resistance-conferring mutations, the impact of target overexpression in drug resistance and drug target deconvolution of phenotypic hit compounds.
Research Area
Molecular biology
Drug discovery and development
Disease and Health Conditions
Chagas disease
African trypanosomiasis

Selected Publications

DNDI-6174 is a preclinical candidate for visceral leishmaniasis that targets the cytochrome bc1.
Braillard, S; Keenan, M; Breese, KJ; Heppell, J; Abbott, M; Islam, R; Shackleford, DM; Katneni, K; Crighton, E; Chen, G; Patil, R; Lee, G; White, KL; Carvalho, S; WALL, RJ; Chemi, G; Zuccotto, F; González, S; Marco, M; Deakyne, J; Standing, D; Brunori, G; Lyon, JJ; Castañeda-Casado, P; Camino, I; ... Chatelain, E.
Science translational medicine
Short-course combination treatment for experimental chronic Chagas disease.
González, S; WALL, RJ; Thomas, J; Braillard, S; Brunori, G; Camino Díaz, I; Cantizani, J; Carvalho, S; Castañeda Casado, P; Chatelain, E; Cotillo, I; Fiandor, JM; FRANCISCO, AF; Grimsditch, D; Keenan, M; KELLY, JM; Kessler, A; Luise, C; Lyon, JJ; MacLean, L; Marco, M; Martin, JJ; Martinez Martinez, MS; Paterson, C; Read, KD; ... De Rycker, M.
Science translational medicine
RES-Seq-a barcoded library of drug-resistant <i>Leishmania donovani</i> allowing rapid assessment of cross-resistance and relative fitness.
Tulloch, LB; Carvalho, S; Lima, M; WALL, RJ; Tinti, M; Pinto, EG; MacLean, L; Wyllie, S;
Development of a 2,4-Diaminothiazole Series for the Treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis Highlights the Importance of Static-Cidal Screening of Analogues.
Cleghorn, LA T; WALL, RJ; Albrecht, S; MacGowan, SA; Norval, S; De Rycker, M; Woodland, A; Spinks, D; Thompson, S; Patterson, S; Corpas Lopez, V; Dey, G; Collie, IT; Hallyburton, I; Kime, R; Simeons, FR C; Stojanovski, L; Frearson, JA; Wyatt, PG; Read, KD; Gilbert, IH; Wyllie, S;
Journal of medicinal chemistry
Toolkit of Approaches To Support Target-Focused Drug Discovery for Plasmodium falciparum Lysyl tRNA Synthetase.
Milne, R; Wiedemar, N; Corpas-Lopez, V; Moynihan, E; WALL, RJ; Dawson, A; Robinson, DA; Shepherd, SM; Smith, RJ; Hallyburton, I; Post, JM; Dowers, K; Torrie, LS; Gilbert, IH; Baragaña, B; Patterson, S; Wyllie, S;
ACS infectious diseases
Non-canonical endogenous expression of voltage-gated sodium channel NaV 1.7 subtype by the TE671 rhabdomyosarcoma cell line.
Ngum, NM; Aziz, MY A; Mohammed Latif, L; WALL, RJ; Duce, IR; Mellor, IR;
The Journal of physiology
Repositioning of a Diaminothiazole Series Confirmed to Target the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase CRK12 for Use in the Treatment of African Animal Trypanosomiasis.
Smith, A; WALL, RJ; Patterson, S; Rowan, T; Rico Vidal, E; Stojanovski, L; Huggett, M; Hampton, SE; Thomas, MG; Corpas Lopez, V; Gillingwater, K; Duke, J; Napier, G; Peter, R; Vitouley, HS; Harrison, JR; Milne, R; Jeacock, L; Baker, N; Davis, SH; Simeons, F; Riley, J; Horn, D; Brun, R; Zuccotto, F; ... Gilbert, IH.
Journal of medicinal chemistry
DNDI-6148: A Novel Benzoxaborole Preclinical Candidate for the Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis.
Mowbray, CE; Braillard, S; Glossop, PA; Whitlock, GA; Jacobs, RT; Speake, J; Pandi, B; Nare, B; Maes, L; YARDLEY, V; Freund, Y; WALL, RJ; Carvalho, S; Bello, D; Van den Kerkhof, M; Caljon, G; Gilbert, IH; Corpas-Lopez, V; Lukac, I; Patterson, S; Zuccotto, F; Wyllie, S;
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Identification of a Proteasome-Targeting Arylsulfonamide with Potential for the Treatment of Chagas' Disease.
Lima, ML; Tulloch, LB; Corpas-Lopez, V; Carvalho, S; WALL, RJ; Milne, R; Rico, E; Patterson, S; Gilbert, IH; Moniz, S; MacLean, L; Torrie, LS; Morgillo, C; Horn, D; Zuccotto, F; Wyllie, S;
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
Identification of Resistance Determinants for a Promising Antileishmanial Oxaborole Series.
Van den Kerkhof, M; Leprohon, P; Mabille, D; Hendrickx, S; Tulloch, LB; WALL, RJ; Wyllie, S; Chatelain, E; Mowbray, CE; Braillard, S; Ouellette, M; Maes, L; Caljon, G;
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