Dr Don Van Schalkwyk


Assistant Professor
Parasite Biology


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2158


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Infection Biology


Malaria Centre


Parasitology and Entomology, study unit 3122. Lecture on Malaria: Chemotherapy and Drug Resistance

Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, study unit 3169, Lecture on: Antiprotozoal Drug Targets: Malaria

Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, study unit 3169, Tutorial: Group B (Strategies for malaria Treatment / Prevention)

Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, study unit 3169, Run Practical (Anti-protozoal Drug Assay)

I am the deputy course coordinator for the Antimicrobial Chemotherapy module 3169


I have developed a method for testing the in vitro drug susceptibility of the zoonotic malaria parasite, Plasmodium knowlesi, and am using that assay to characterise the differences in susceptiblity of this species when compared with P. falciparum. My research is funded by the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).

I am also exploring the biological mechanism behind the reduced susceptibility of this species to inhibitors of the sodium transporter, ATP4.

Other collaborations with MMV include developing methods to culture-adapt Plasmodium malariae and to screen for the ex vivo drug susceptibility of P. vivax, P. ovale and P. malariae.

I am working with the Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics (FIND) to test a number of registered and pre-registered Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) for their reponsiveness to Plasmodium knowlesi infections.

I am currently working for Professor Colin Sutherland on an MRC-funded grant to understand the mechanism of reduced artemisinin susceptibility in Africa.

Research Area
Drug discovery and development
Drug resistance
Molecular biology
Disease and Health Conditions

Selected Publications

Clinical management of Plasmodium knowlesi malaria.
Barber BE; Grigg MJ; Cooper DJ; van Schalkwyk DA; William T; Rajahram GS; Anstey NM
Advances in parasitology
Ex vivo susceptibility to new antimalarial agents differs among human-infecting Plasmodium species.
van Schalkwyk DA; Moon RW; Duffey M; Leroy D; Sutherland CJ
International journal for parasitology. Drugs and drug resistance
The Plasmodium falciparum Artemisinin Susceptibility-Associated AP-2 Adaptin μ Subunit is Clathrin Independent and Essential for Schizont Maturation.
Henrici RC; Edwards RL; Zoltner M; van Schalkwyk DA; Hart MN; Mohring F; Moon RW; Nofal SD; Patel A; Flueck C
Novel Endochin-Like Quinolones Exhibit Potent In Vitro Activity against Plasmodium knowlesi but Do Not Synergize with Proguanil.
van Schalkwyk DA; Riscoe MK; Pou S; Winter RW; Nilsen A; Duffey M; Moon RW; Sutherland CJ
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Modification of pfap2μ and pfubp1 Markedly Reduces Ring-Stage Susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum to Artemisinin In Vitro.
Henrici RC; van Schalkwyk DA; Sutherland CJ
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Plasmodium knowlesi exhibits distinct in vitro drug susceptibility profiles from those of Plasmodium falciparum.
van Schalkwyk DA; Blasco B; Davina Nuñez R; Liew JWK; Amir A; Lau YL; Leroy D; Moon RW; Sutherland CJ
International journal for parasitology. Drugs and drug resistance
Comparison of the susceptibility of Plasmodium knowlesi and Plasmodium falciparum to antimalarial agents.
van Schalkwyk DA; Moon RW; Blasco B; Sutherland CJ
The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
The Mu subunit of Plasmodium falciparum clathrin-associated adaptor protein 2 modulates in vitro parasite response to artemisinin and quinine.
Henriques G; van Schalkwyk DA; Burrow R; Warhurst DC; Thompson E; Baker DA; Fidock DA; Hallett R; Flueck C; Sutherland CJ
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
Culture-adapted Plasmodium falciparum isolates from UK travellers: in vitro drug sensitivity, clonality and drug resistance markers.
van Schalkwyk DA; Burrow R; Henriques G; Gadalla NB; Beshir KB; Hasford C; Wright SG; Ding XC; Chiodini PL; Sutherland CJ
Malaria journal
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