Ms Hana Tomoi

Research Student - MPhil/PhD - Epidemiology & Population Health (Nagasaki)

United Kingdom

BSc, MSc

Hana Tomoi is a full-time PhD student at the LSHTM. Her research focuses on understanding HPV vaccination decision-making among adolescent girls in Japan, employing a mixed-methods approach and a sociological lens. She secured a prestigious fellowship through the joint doctoral program with Nagasaki University.


In addition to her doctoral studies, Hana serves as a communication advisor for vaccine policy at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. With a diverse background in clinical nursing and public/global health policy, she has worked tirelessly to enhance healthcare access and immunization on an international scale. Previously, she held consultancy roles at the WHO Western Pacific Office and served as a communication advisor at the UNFPA Tokyo Office.


Hana holds a BSc in Nursing from Osaka University and an MSc in Public Health from LSHTM.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Dynamics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


She has actively contributed to multiple social science projects centered on vaccine confidence and acceptance. Notably, she played a pivotal role in an RCT evaluating the impact of a social media chatbot on COVID-19 vaccine intention and confidence, generously supported by the Vaccine Confidence Fund.


In her doctoral research, she employs a mixed-methods approach with a qualitative focus. She is delving into the complex world of HPV vaccination decision-making among adolescent girls in Japan, dissecting the contextual influences at play. To sharpen her skills, she completed a qualitative and mixed methods research course offered by the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp in 2022.

Research Area
Behaviour change
Adolescent health
Health policy
Mixed methods research
Qualitative research
Social science (general)

Selected Publications

Trust in governments, public health institutions, and other information sources as determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake behavior in Japan.
Cao, A; Ueta, M; Uchibori, M; Murakami, M; Kunishima, H; Santosh Kumar, R; Prommas, P; TOMOI, H; Gilmour, S; Sakamoto, H; Hashizume, M; Naito, W; Yasutaka, T; Maruyama-Sakurai, K; Miyata, H; Nomura, S;
Insights from the COVID-19 pandemic: trends in development assistance committee countries' aid allocation, 2011-2021.
Nomura, S; Ghaznavi, C; Shimizu, K; Cao, A; Sassa, M; Uchibori, M; Santosh Kumar, R; Yamasaki, L; TOMOI, H; Sakamoto, H;
Global health action
Effect of a mobile app chatbot and an interactive small-group webinar on COVID-19 vaccine intention and confidence in Japan: a randomised controlled trial.
Kobayashi, T; TOMOI, H; Nishina, Y; Harada, K; Tanaka, K; Sasaki, S; Inaba, K; Mitaka, H; Takahashi, H; PASSANANTE, A; Lau, EH Y; Naito, T; LARSON, H; Wu, J; LIN, L; Yamada, Y;
BMJ global health
Corowa-kun: A messenger app chatbot delivers COVID-19 vaccine information, Japan 2021.
Kobayashi, T; Nishina, Y; TOMOI, H; Harada, K; Tanaka, K; Matsumoto, E; Horimukai, K; Ishihara, J; Sasaki, S; Inaba, K; Seguchi, K; Takahashi, H; Salinas, JL; Yamada, Y;
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