Prof Helen Stagg

Prof. of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

United Kingdom

I initially trained at the University of Cambridge in the life sciences (cell biology, immunology, virology; PhD) and later at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (epidemiology, MSc). I have worked with industry, and national and international policy making/influencing bodies (particularly the Scottish Parliament, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence UK, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the World Health Organization). I have previously held a European Respiratory Society International Short-Term Research Training Fellowship, National Institute for Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowship, and a Chancellor’s Fellowship (tenure-track) at the University of Edinburgh. I currently have a Medical Research Council Career Development Award, as well as an honorary contracts at University College London and the University of Edinburgh.

I am a member of the World Health Organization's core grouping for the European Tuberculosis Research Initiative, a Fellow of the Young Academy of Europe, and was the co-chair of UK Academics and Professionals to End Tuberculosis with Prof. Bertie Squire 2020-2022.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and International Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


TB Centre


I hold a Higher Education Authority Fellowship and am the co-module organiser for Statistical Methods in Epidemiology.


My group has four main programmes of currently ongoing research work:

treatment adherence in chronic conditions
treatment optimisation in tuberculosis
antimicrobial resistance
Research Area
Population health
Systematic reviews
Drug resistance
Global health
Complex interventions
Infectious disease policy
Disease control
Disease and Health Conditions
United Kingdom
Sri Lanka
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)
European Union
South Asia

Selected Publications

Development and description of a theory-driven, evidence-based, complex intervention to improve adherence to treatment for tuberculosis in the UK: the IMPACT study
Jones, AS K; Horne, R; White, J; Costello, T; Darvell, M; Karat, AS; Kielmann, K; STAGG, HR; Hill, AT; Kunst, H; Campbell, CN J; Lipman, MC I;
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
No action is without its side effects: Adverse drug reactions and missed doses of antituberculosis therapy, a scoping review.
Dixon, EG; Rasool, S; Otaalo, B; Motee, A; Dear, JW; Sloan, D; STAGG, HR;
British journal of clinical pharmacology
The use of digital technologies in adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment.
FIELDING, K; Subbaraman, R; Khan, A; Celan, C; Charalambous, S; Franke, MF; Huddart, S; Katamba, A; Law, S; STAGG, H;
Digital Respiratory Healthcare
Recent advances in the treatment of tuberculosis.
Motta, I; Boeree, M; Chesov, D; DHEDA, K; Günther, G; Horsburgh, CR; Kherabi, Y; Lange, C; Lienhardt, C; McIlleron, HM; Paton, NI; STAGG, HR; Thwaites, G; Udwadia, Z; Van Crevel, R; Velásquez, GE; Wilkinson, RJ; Guglielmetti, L; Study group on Mycobacteria (ESGMYC) of the Europe,;
Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Students' and staffs' views and experiences of asymptomatic testing on a university campus during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland: a mixed methods study.
Bauld, L; Street, A; Connelly, R; Bevan, I; Morlet Corti, Y; Baxter, MS; STAGG, HR; Christison, S; Mulherin, T; Sinclair, L; Aitman, T;
BMJ open
Mendelian randomisation identifies priority groups for prophylactic EBV vaccination.
Muckian, MD; Wilson, JF; Taylor, GS; STAGG, HR; Pirastu, N;
BMC infectious diseases
The cascade of care for latent tuberculosis infection in congregate settings: A national cohort analysis, Korea, 2017-2018.
Min, J; Kim, HW; STAGG, HR; Rangaka, MX; Lipman, M; Abubakar, I; Lee, Y; Myong, J-P; Jeong, H; Bae, S; Shin, AY; Kang, JY; Lee, S-S; Park, JS; Yim, HW; Kim, JS;
Frontiers in Medicine
Forgiveness Is the Attribute of the Strong: Nonadherence and Regimen Shortening in Drug-sensitive Tuberculosis.
STAGG, HR; THOMPSON, JA; Lipman, MC I; Sloan, DJ; Flook, M; FIELDING, KL;
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
Hidden loss to follow-up among tuberculosis patients managed by public-private mix institutions in South Korea.
Kim, HW; Park, S; Min, J; Sun, J; Shin, AY; Ha, JH; Park, JS; Lee, S-S; Lipman, M; Abubakar, I; STAGG, HR; Kim, JS;
Scientific reports
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