Dr Abdul Sesay

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom


MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM

Selected Publications

High SARS-CoV-2 incidence and asymptomatic fraction during Delta and Omicron BA.1 waves in The Gambia.
Jarju, S; Wenlock, RD; Danso, M; JOBE, D; Jagne, YJ; Darboe, A; Kumado, M; Jallow, Y; Touray, M; Ceesay, EA; Gaye, H; Gaye, B; Tunkara, A; Kandeh, S; Gomes, M; Sylva, EL; Toure, F; Hornsby, H; Lindsey, BB; Nicklin, MJ; Sayers, JR; SESAY, AK; KUCHARSKI, A; HODGSON, D; KAMPMANN, B; ... De Silva, TI.
Nature communications
Malaria in adults after the start of Covid-19 pandemic: an analysis of admission trends, demographics, and outcomes in a tertiary hospital in the Gambia.
Bittaye, SO; Jagne, A; Jaiteh, LE S; AMAMBUA-NGWA, A; SESAY, AK; Ekeh, B; NADJM, B; Ramirez, WE; Ramos, A; Okeahialam, B; Effa, E; Nyan, O; Njie, R;
Malaria journal
Acquisition and carriage of genetically diverse multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacilli in hospitalised newborns in The Gambia.
Bah, SY; Kujabi, MA; DARBOE, S; Kebbeh, N; Kebbeh, BF K; Kanteh, A; Bojang, R; Lawn, JE; KAMPMANN, B; SESAY, AK; De Silva, TI; BROTHERTON, H;
Communications medicine
Streptococcus pyogenes Colonization in Children Aged 24-59 Months in the Gambia: Impact of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine and Associated Serological Responses.
KEELEY, AJ; Groves, D; ARMITAGE, EP; Senghore, E; Jagne, YJ; Sallah, HJ; Drammeh, S; Angyal, A; Hornsby, H; De Crombrugghe, G; Smeesters, PR; Rossi, O; Carducci, M; Peno, C; Bogaert, D; KAMPMANN, B; MARKS, M; Shaw, HA; Turner, CR; De Silva, TI;
The Journal of infectious diseases
Genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 infections in The Gambia: an analysis of routinely collected surveillance data between March, 2020, and January, 2022.
KANTEH, A; Jallow, HS; Manneh, J; SANYANG, B; Kujabi, MA; Ndure, SL; JARJU, S; Sey, AP; Damilare K, D; Bah, Y; Sambou, S; Jarju, G; Manjang, B; Jagne, A; Bittaye, SO; Bittaye, M; FORREST, K; Tiruneh, DA; Samateh, AL; Jagne, S; Hué, S; MOHAMMED, N; AMAMBUA-NGWA, A; KAMPMANN, B; D'Alessandro, U; ... SESAY, AK.
The Lancet Global health
Genomic Epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Western Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Sawadogo, Y; Galal, L; Belarbi, E; Zongo, A; Schubert, G; Leendertz, F; KANTEH, A; SESAY, AK; Erhart, A; Bañuls, A-L; Tarnagda, Z; Godreuil, S; Tinto, H; Ouedraogo, A-S;
Genomic Characterization of Skin and Soft Tissue Streptococcus pyogenes Isolates from a Low-Income and a High-Income Setting.
Bah, SY; KEELEY, AJ; ARMITAGE, EP; Khalid, H; Chaudhuri, RR; Senghore, E; Manneh, J; Tilley, L; MARKS, M; DARBOE, S; SESAY, AK; De Silva, TI; Turner, CE; MRCG Strep A Study Group,;
Circulation of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic in The Gambia.
JARJU, S; Senghore, E; BROTHERTON, H; Affleck, L; Saidykhan, A; Jallow, S; Krubally, E; Sinjanka, E; Ndene, MN; Bajo, F; Sanyang, MM; Saidy, B; Bah, A; MOHAMMED, NI; FORREST, K; CLARKE, E; DALESSANDRO, U; SESAY, AK; USUF, E; CERAMI, C; ROCA, A; KAMPMANN, B; De Silva, TI;
Gates open research
Maternal colonization and early-onset neonatal bacterial sepsis in the Gambia, West Africa: a genomic analysis of vertical transmission.
OKOMO, UA; DARBOE, S; Bah, SY; Ayorinde, A; JARJU, S; SESAY, AK; Kebbeh, N; Gai, A; Dibbasey, T; Grey-Johnson, M; Le Doare, K; HOLT, KE; LAWN, JE; KAMPMANN, B;
Clinical microbiology and infection
Clinical manifestations and outcomes of severe malaria in adult patients admitted to a tertiary hospital in the Gambia.
Bittaye, SO; Jagne, A; Jaiteh, LE; NADJM, B; AMAMBUA-NGWA, A; SESAY, AK; Singhateh, Y; Effa, E; Nyan, O; Njie, R;
Malaria journal
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