Dr Marcello Scopazzini

Clinical Research Fellow in Training

United Kingdom


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Selected Publications

The burden and natural history of cardiac pathology at TB diagnosis in a high-HIV prevalence district in Zambia: protocol for the TB-Heart study.
SCOPAZZINI, MS; Chansa, P; Majonga, ED; Bual, N; Schaap, A; Mateyo, KJ; Musukuma, R; Mweemba, V; Cheeba, M; Mwila, CC; Sigande, L; Banda, I; Ngulube, J; Shanaube, K; Zenner, D; AYLES, H; SHAH, AS V;
BMC cardiovascular disorders
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) indicators as predictors of mortality among patients hospitalised with COVID-19 disease in the Lothian Region, Scotland during the first wave: a cohort study.
SCOPAZZINI, MS; Cave, RN R; Mutch, CP; Ross, DA; Bularga, A; Chase-Topping, M; Woolhouse, M; Koch, O; DataLoch Covid-19 Collaborative,; Perry, MR; Mackintosh, CL;
International journal for equity in health
Evaluation of the Implementation of the 4C Mortality Score in United Kingdom hospitals during the second pandemic wave
Blunsum, A; Perkins, J; Arshad, A; Bajpai, S; Barclay-Elliott, K; Brito-Mutunayagam, S; Brooks, R; Chan, T; Coates, D; Corobana, A; Crocker-Buqué, T; Evans, T; Gordon-Brown, J; Hack, B; Hiles, H; Khanijau, A; Lalwani, S; Leong, C; MacKay, K; Macrae, C; Martin, B; Martin, C; McKemey, E; Nazareth, J; Pan, D; ... Ho, A.
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) Indicators as Predictors of Mortality Among Patients Hospitalised with COVID-19 Disease in the Lothian Region, Scotland During the First Wave: A Cohort Study
SCOPAZZINI, M; Cave, RN R; Mutch, C; Ross, D; Bularga, A; Chase-Topping, M; Woolhouse, M; Koch, O; Perry, M; Mackintosh, C;
Research Square
Cushing's Syndrome secondary to ACTH-producing prostate adenocarcinoma: A case report
SCOPAZZINI, M; Pomroy, J; Hatfield, E; Ramli, R;
Endocrine Abstracts
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