Prof Ian Roberts

Professor of Epidemiology &Public Health

United Kingdom


Department of Medical Statistics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Evaluation

Selected Publications

Population pharmacokinetic modelling and simulation of tranexamic acid in adult trauma patients.
Stitt, G; Spinella, PC; Bochicchio, GV; ROBERTS, I; Downes, KJ; Zuppa, AF;
British journal of clinical pharmacology
Do machine learning methods lead to similar individualized treatment rules? A comparison study on real data.
Bouvier, F; Peyrot, E; Balendran, A; Ségalas, C; ROBERTS, I; Petit, F; Porcher, R;
Statistics in medicine
Synergism of red blood cells and tranexamic acid in the inhibition of fibrinolysis.
Raska, A; Kálmán, K; Egri, B; Csikós, P; Beinrohr, L; Szabó, L; Tenekedjiev, K; Nikolova, N; Longstaff, C; ROBERTS, I; Kolev, K; Wohner, N;
Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH
Maternal anaemia and the risk of postpartum haemorrhage: a cohort analysis of data from the WOMAN-2 trial.
WOMAN-2 trial collaborators. Electronic address: w,; WOMAN-2 trial collaborators,;
The Lancet Global Health
Alternative routes for tranexamic acid treatment in obstetric bleeding (WOMAN-PharmacoTXA trial): a randomised trial and pharmacological study in caesarean section births.
SHAKUR-STILL, H; ROBERTS, I; Grassin-Delyle, S; Chaudhri, R; GEER, A; ARRIBAS, M; Lamy, E; MANSUKHANI, R; Lubeya, MK; Javaid, K; Kayani, A; Israr, N; Mazhar, SB; Urien, S; Bouazza, N; Foissac, F; Prowse, D; Carrington, L; Barrow, C; ONANDIA, JG; BALOGUN, E;
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
Tranexamic acid for the prevention of postpartum bleeding: Protocol for a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis.
Anti-fibrinolytics Trialists Collaborators – Obste,; KER, K; SHAKUR-STILL, H; Sentilhes, L; Pacheco, LD; Saade, G; Deneux-Tharaux, C; BRENNER, A; MANSUKHANI, R; Ageron, F-X; Prowse, D; Chaudhri, R; Olayemi, O; ROBERTS, I;
Gates open research
Behavioural intervention to reduce sexually transmitted infections in people aged 16–24 years in the UK: the safetxt RCT
FREE, C; PALMER, MJ; Potter, K; MCCARTHY, OL; Jerome, L; BERENDES, S; Gubijev, A; Knight, M; JAMAL, Z; Dhaliwal, F; CARPENTER, JR; Morris, TP; EDWARDS, P; FRENCH, R; Macgregor, L; Turner, KM E; Baraitser, P; HICKSON, FC I; WELLINGS, K; ROBERTS, I; Bailey, JV; Hart, G; Michie, S; CLAYTON, T; DEVRIES, K;
Public health research
Safetxt: A randomised controlled trial of a behavioural intervention delivered by text messages to reduce sexually transmitted re-infections in people aged 16-24
FREE, C; PALMER, M; MCCARTHY, O; Jerome, L; BERENDES, S; Knight, M; CARPENTER, J; Morris, T; JAMAL, Z; Dhaliwal, F; FRENCH, R; HICKSON, FC I; Gubijev, A; WELLINGS, K; Baraitser, P; ROBERTS, I; Bailey, J; CLAYTON, T; DEVRIES, K; EDWARDS, P; Hart, G; Michie, S; Macgregor, L; Turner, KM E; Potter, K;
British Medical Journal
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