Prof Caroline Relton

Pro-Director Res. & Academic Development

United Kingdom

I am Pro Director for Research and Academic Development at LSHTM. As a member of the Executive Team my responsibilities include oversight of research, innovation and impact strategy, research culture, governance and integrity, partnerships, the Doctoral College, inter-disciplinary Centres and academic development (career development and promotions).

I have a 0.8FTE position at LSHTM and have retained a 0.2FTE position at the University of Bristol (my previous host institution) where I am continuing to pursue active research.


Executive Office
Professional Support Services


I have experience of teaching undergraduate, Master's and short course programmes, mainly in the field of Molecular Epidemiology, but am currently not involved in taught course delivery at LSHTM.


My research interests are in genetic and epigenetic epidemiology. My work has involved both methodological development and applied research, with the aim of seeking to understand the role of DNA methylation in common complex disease, and the use of this molecular feature in disease prediction, prognosis and patient stratification.

Research Area
Genetic epidemiology
Molecular epidemiology
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Cardiovascular diseases
United States of America

Selected Publications

Ultra-processed foods, adiposity and risk of head and neck cancer and oesophageal adenocarcinoma in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study: a mediation analysis.
Morales-Berstein, F; Biessy, C; Viallon, V; Goncalves-Soares, A; Casagrande, C; Hémon, B; Kliemann, N; Cairat, M; Blanco Lopez, J; Al Nahas, A; Chang, K; Vamos, E; Rauber, F; Bertazzi Levy, R; Barbosa Cunha, D; Jakszyn, P; Ferrari, P; Vineis, P; Masala, G; Catalano, A; Sonestedt, E; Borné, Y; Katzke, V; Bajracharya, R; Agnoli, C; ... EPIC Network,
European journal of nutrition
Analysis of DNA methylation at birth and in childhood reveals changes associated with season of birth and latitude.
Kadalayil, L; Alam, MZ; White, CH; Ghantous, A; Walton, E; Gruzieva, O; Merid, SK; Kumar, A; Roy, RP; Solomon, O; Huen, K; Eskenazi, B; Rzehak, P; Grote, V; Langhendries, J-P; Verduci, E; Ferre, N; Gruszfeld, D; Gao, L; Guan, W; Zeng, X; Schisterman, EF; Dou, JF; Bakulski, KM; Feinberg, JI; ... Holloway, JW.
Clinical epigenetics
The association of DNA methylation at birth with adolescent asthma is mediated by atopy.
Rathod, A; Melaram, R; Zhang, H; Arshad, H; Ewart, S; Ray, M; RELTON, CL; Karmaus, W; Holloway, JW;
Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
DNA methylation at the suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS3) gene influences height in childhood.
ISSARAPU, P; Arumalla, M; Elliott, HR; Nongmaithem, SS; Sankareswaran, A; Betts, M; Sajjadi, S; Kessler, NJ; Bayyana, S; Mansuri, SR; Derakhshan, M; Krishnaveni, GV; Shrestha, S; Kumaran, K; Di Gravio, C; Sahariah, SA; Sanderson, E; RELTON, CL; Ward, KA; Moore, SE; PRENTICE, AM; Lillycrop, KA; Fall, CH D; SILVER, MJ; Chandak, GR; ... EMPHASIS study group,
Nature communications
Guidelines for performing Mendelian randomization investigations: update for summer 2023
Burgess, S; Davey Smith, G; Davies, NM; Dudbridge, F; Gill, D; Glymour, MM; Hartwig, FP; Kutalik, Z; Holmes, MV; Minelli, C; Morrison, JV; Pan, W; RELTON, CL; Theodoratou, E;
Wellcome Open Research
Genetic impacts on DNA methylation help elucidate regulatory genomic processes.
Villicaña, S; Castillo-Fernandez, J; Hannon, E; Christiansen, C; Tsai, P-C; Maddock, J; Kuh, D; Suderman, M; Power, C; RELTON, C; Ploubidis, G; Wong, A; Hardy, R; Goodman, A; Ong, KK; Bell, JT;
Genome biology
Epigenetic clocks and research implications of the lack of data on whom they have been developed: a review of reported and missing sociodemographic characteristics.
Watkins, SH; Testa, C; Chen, JT; De Vivo, I; Simpkin, AJ; Tilling, K; Diez Roux, AV; Davey Smith, G; Waterman, PD; Suderman, M; RELTON, C; Krieger, N;
Environmental epigenetics
Sensitive Periods for the Effect of Childhood Adversity on DNA Methylation: Updated Results From a Prospective, Longitudinal Study
Lussier, AA; Zhu, Y; Smith, BJ; Simpkin, AJ; Smith, AD A C; Suderman, MJ; Walton, E; RELTON, CL; Ressler, KJ; Dunn, EC;
Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science
Association between the timing of childhood adversity and epigenetic patterns across childhood and adolescence: findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) prospective cohort.
Lussier, AA; Zhu, Y; Smith, BJ; Cerutti, J; Fisher, J; Melton, PE; Wood, NM; Cohen-Woods, S; Huang, R-C; Mitchell, C; Schneper, L; Notterman, DA; Simpkin, AJ; Smith, AD A C; Suderman, MJ; Walton, E; RELTON, CL; Ressler, KJ; Dunn, EC;
The Lancet. Child & adolescent health
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