Mrs Rebecca Prah

Research Student - MPhil/PhD - Public Health & Policy

United Kingdom

Rebecca is a research degree student in the department of Global health and development. She joined LSHTM in 2022. She has over a decade’s experience in public health research. Rebecca has a Master of Public Health degree (Health economics specialisation) from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Rebecca’s Ph.D. researched is aimed at measuring and valuing adolescents’ quality of life in the context of a school-based multi-component menstrual health intervention – MENISCUS – in Uganda. Using the profile case best-worst scaling method, she will conduct a choice experiment to estimate utility tariffs for a preference-based quality of life measure for children and adolescents in Uganda. She will also assess the impact of MENISCUS on adolescent girls’ quality of life.

Her research work prior to joining LSHTM focused on economic evaluations, assessment of household air pollution exposures and associated health impact, and household clean energy use and adoption.

Selected Publications

Prenatal Household Air Pollution Exposure and Childhood Blood Pressure in Rural Ghana.
Daouda, M; Kaali, S; Spring, E; Mujtaba, MN; Jack, D; Dwommoh Prah, RK; Colicino, E; Tawiah, T; Gennings, C; Osei, M; Janevic, T; Chillrud, SN; Agyei, O; Gould, CF; Lee, AG; Asante, KP;
Environmental health perspectives
Did COVID-19 Change the Availability and Use of Clean Energy for Cooking? Evidence From Ghana.
PRAH, RK; Jack, D; Tawiah, T; Iddrisu, S; Abubakari, SW; Mujtaba, MN; Tetteh, RJ; Gyaase, S; Twumasi, M; Saah, J; Wilson, J; Addo, S; Pope, D; ASANTE, KP; Puzzolo, E;
Environmental health insights
Poor early childhood growth is associated with impaired lung function: Evidence from a Ghanaian pregnancy cohort.
Kaali, S; Jack, DW; PRAH, RK D; Chillrud, SN; Mujtaba, MN; Kinney, PL; Tawiah, T; Yang, Q; Oppong, FB; Gould, CF; Osei, M; Wylie, BJ; Agyei, O; Perzanowski, MS; Asante, KP; Lee, AG;
Pediatric pulmonology
Prevention of violence against women and girls: A cost-effectiveness study across 6 low- and middle-income countries.
Ferrari, G; TORRES-RUEDA, S; Chirwa, E; Gibbs, A; Orangi, S; Barasa, E; Tawiah, T; Dwommoh Prah, RK; Hitimana, R; Daviaud, E; Kapapa, E; Dunkle, K; Heise, L; STERN, E; Chatterji, S; Omondi, B; Ogum Alangea, D; Karmaliani, R; Maqbool Ahmed Khuwaja, H; Jewkes, R; Watts, C; VASSALL, A;
Characterizing sleep-wake patterns in mothers and children in an agrarian community: results from the Ghana Randomized Air Pollution and Health Study.
Kundel, V; Agyapong, PD; Parekh, A; Kaali, S; PRAH, RK D; Taweesedt, P; Tawiah, T; Ayappa, I; Mujtaba, MN; Agyei, O; Jack, D; Osei, M; Kwarteng, AA; Lee, A; ASANTE, KP;
Infant Nasopharyngeal Microbiota Subphenotypes and Early Childhood Lung Function: Evidence from a Rural Ghanaian Pregnancy Cohort.
Dubowski, K; Kaali, S; Jack, D; PRAH, RK D; Clemente, JC; Tawiah, T; Mujtaba, M; Iddrisu, L; Carrión, D; Konadu, DG; Agyei, O; Kornu, FM; Osei-Owusu, S; Lee, AG; ASANTE, KP;
Enhancing LPG Adoption in Ghana (ELAG): A Trial Testing Policy-Relevant Interventions to Increase Sustained Use of Clean Fuels.
Carrión, D; PRAH, R; Tawiah, T; Agyei, O; Twumasi, M; Mujtaba, M; Jack, D; ASANTE, KP;
Time Use Implication of Clean Cookstoves in Rural Settings in Ghana: A Time Use Study.
PRAH, RK D; Carrion, D; Oppong, FB; Tawiah, T; Mujtaba, MN; Gyaase, S; Kwarteng, A; Ae-Ngibise, KA; Agyei, O; Twumasi, M; Agbokey, F; ASANTE, KP; Jack, DW;
International journal of environmental research and public health
Unit costs and other musings: a response.
TORRES-RUEDA, S; Ferrari, G; Orangi, S; Hitimana, R; Daviaud, E; Tawiah, T; PRAH, RK D; Karmaliani, R; Kapapa, E; Barasa, E; Jewkes, R; VASSALL, A;
Health policy and planning
Using longitudinal survey and sensor data to understand the social and ecological determinants of clean fuels use and discontinuance in rural Ghana.
Carrión, D; PRAH, R; Gould, CF; Agbokey, F; Mujtaba, M; Pillarisetti, A; Tumasi, M; Agyei, O; Chillrud, S; Tawiah, T; Jack, D; ASANTE, KP;
Environmental research communications
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