Prof Mark Petticrew

Professor of Public Health Evaluation

United Kingdom


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Maternal Adolescent Reproductive & Child Health

Selected Publications

The Perils of Partnership: Interactions Between Public Health England, Drinkaware, and the Portman Group Surrounding the Drink Free Days Campaign
Maani, N; Van Schalkwyk, MC I; PETTICREW, M;
International Journal of Health Policy and Management
Commercially driven efforts to frame alcohol harms have no place in UK health policy development.
Maani, N; Van Schalkwyk, MC; Wiseman, A; PETTICREW, M;
BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
The absence of mandatory pregnancy warning labels in online alcohol purchasing contexts.
Pettigrew, S; Davies, T; O'Brien, P; Sträuli, B; PETTICREW, M; Bowden, J;
Drug and alcohol review
A new framework for developing and evaluating complex interventions: update of Medical Research Council guidance.
Skivington, K; Matthews, L; Simpson, SA; Craig, P; Baird, J; Blazeby, JM; Boyd, KA; Craig, N; French, DP; McIntosh, E; Petticrew, M; Rycroft-Malone, J; White, M; Moore, L;
International journal of nursing studies
Agnogenic practices and corporate political strategy: the legitimation of UK gambling industry-funded youth education programmes.
Van Schalkwyk, MC I; Hawkins, B; PETTICREW, M; Maani, N; Garde, A; Reeves, A; MCKEE, M;
Health promotion international
Under the influence: system-level effects of alcohol industry-funded health information organizations
Maani, N; CI van Schalkwyk, M; PETTICREW, M;
Health Promotion International
Explaining differential socioeconomic effects in population health interventions: development and application of a new tool to classify intervention agentic demand.
Garrott, K; Ogilvie, D; Panter, J; Sowden, A; PETTICREW, M; Penn-Jones, C; Foubister, C; Lawlor, E; Ikeda, E; Patterson, R; Van Tulleken, D; Armstrong-Moore, R; Vethanayakam, G; Bo, L; White, M; Adams, J;
Lancet (London, England)
Development and application of the DePtH framework for categorising the agentic demands of population health interventions
Garrott, K; Ogilvie, D; Panter, J; PETTICREW, M; Sowden, A; Jones, CP; Foubister, C; Lawlor, E; Ikeda, E; Patterson, R; Van Tulleken, D; Armstrong-Moore, R; Vethanayakam, G; Bo, L; White, M; Adams, J;
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Global public health action is needed to counter the commercial gambling industry.
Thomas, S; Cowlishaw, S; Francis, J; VAN SCHALKWYK, MC I; Daube, M; Pitt, H; McCarthy, S; McGee, D; PETTICREW, M; Rwafa-Ponela, T; Minja, A; Fell, G;
Health promotion international
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