Mr Omran Musa

Research Student - MPhil/PhD - Infectious & Tropical Diseases

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street
United Kingdom

Omran is currently a Bloomsbury-funded PhD Student in health economics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he is a member of the Environmental Health Group at the Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases. His PhD research project focuses on "Evaluating how multilateral development banks produce and use benefit-cost evidence in water and sanitation project decisions". He is also a member of LSHTM’s Global Health Economic Center and the Centre for Evaluation.

His research interests lie in the economic evaluation and epidemiology of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). Omran is also a multidisciplinary enthusiast with the ability to think outside the box and across boundaries, including development economics, epidemiology, and public health, to improve population Well-Being.

Prior to joining LSHTM, Omran had worked for premier institutions. He worked in epidemiology in the College of Medicine at Qatar University and the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar; served as the MENA regional focal point in the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UMGCY); worked in M&E for NGOs (e.g., Reach Out to Asia) and served as a consultant in impact evaluation at Qatar Foundation.

Omran completed his MA in Development Economics at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies with a Tamim Scholarship from the Government of Qatar. He also earned a BSc (Hons) in Econometrics from Khartoum University. Furthermore, he studied a postgraduate program in the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Centre for Evaluation
Global Health Economics Centre


Research Area
Economic evaluation
Systematic reviews
Water supply
Impact evaluation
Behaviour change
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)
Middle East & North Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Time to Move Beyond a Binary Criterion for Gestational Diabetes?
MUSA, OA H; Syed, A; Khatib, MA; Hamdan, A; Hub Allah, A; Almahdi, H; Onitilo, AA; Sheehan, MT; Beer, SF; Bashir, M; Abou-Samra, A-B; Doi, SA;
Reproductive Sciences
What Matters Most: Determinants Associated with the Selection of Medical Residencies in Qatar.
Kane, T; Ford, J; Al Saady, RM; Vranic, S; MUSA, OA H; Suliman, S;
Advances in medical education and practice
Validation of Doi's weighted average glucose as a measure of post-load glucose excursion for clinical use.
Badran, S; Doi, S; Hammouda, A; MUSA, O; Habib, A;
Biomolecules & biomedicine
Metabolic aspects of surgical subcutaneous fat removal: An umbrella review and implications for future research.
Badran, S; Doi, SA; Hamdi, M; Hammouda, A; Alharami, S; Clark, J; MUSA, OA H; Abou-Samra, A-B; Habib, AM;
Biomolecules & biomedicine
Association between Multimorbidity and COVID-19 Mortality in Qatar: A Cross-Sectional Study
AbouGalala, K; Elsayed, B; Elmarasi, M; Kotob, M; Taha, R; Abbasher, F; Amarah, A; El Hamawi, M; Albayat, SS; Abdulmajeed, J; Sallam, MA H; Al-Shamali, MH M; Al-Romaihi, HE; Bansal, D; MUSA, OA H; Farag, E; Al-Thani, MH J; Chivese, T; Emara, MM;
Microbiology research
Metabolic changes after surgical fat removal: A dose-response meta-analysis.
Badran, S; Habib, AM; Aljassem, G; MUSA, OA H; Clark, J; Hamdi, M; Abou-Samra, A-B; Glass, GE; Doi, SA;
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
Association between pregnancy and severe COVID-19 symptoms in Qatar: a cross-sectional study
Al-Qassem, A; Humaidi, A; Al-Kuwari, A; Hasan, E; Yakti, N; Al-Hathal, R; Bansal, D; Abd Farag, EA B; Al-Romaihi, H; Al-Thani, M; MUSA, O; Doi, S; Chivese, T;
Impact of Smoking on COVID-19 Symptoms in Non-Vaccinated Patients: A Matched Observational Study from Qatar.
Haider, MZ; Al-Mannai, A; Al-Sirhan, S; Elsabagh, A; Nasser, N; Al-Quraishi, N; Ouda, A; Erradi, K; Ashour, AA; Gupta, I; Abdulmajeed, J; Al-Romaihi, HE; Bansal, D; MUSA, OA H; Abd Farag, EA B; Al-Thani, MH J; Al Moustafa, A-E;
Journal of multidisciplinary healthcare
The prevalence of adaptive immunity to COVID-19 and reinfection after recovery - a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis.
Chivese, T; Matizanadzo, JT; MUSA, OA H; Hindy, G; Furuya-Kanamori, L; Islam, N; Al-Shebly, R; Shalaby, R; Habibullah, M; Al-Marwani, TA; Hourani, RF; Nawaz, AD; Haider, MZ; Emara, MM; Cyprian, F; Doi, SA R;
Pathogens and global health
Prevalence and determinants of symptomatic COVID-19 infection among children and adolescents in Qatar: a cross-sectional analysis of 11 445 individuals.
MUSA, OA H; Chivese, T; Bansal, D; Abdulmajeed, J; Ameen, O; Islam, N; Xu, C; Sallam, MA; Albayat, SS; Khogali, HS; Ahmed, SN N; Himatt, SM; Nour, M; Elberdiny, AA; Abdallah, AM; Furuya-Kanamori, L; Al-Romaihi, HE; Doi, SA R; Al-Thani, MH J; Abd Farag, EA B;
Epidemiology and infection
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