Dr Gillian Mckay


Honorary Research Fellow

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

Gillian McKay, DrPH, RN, is a global health practitioner and researcher with a specialty in primary and secondary impacts of epidemics. She is currently working with Elrha's R2HC programme where she works to ensure that the research Elrha funds meets the priority needs of the humanitarian community and is shared with the right people to make change. She has previously worked with the World Health Organization, the International Rescue Committee, UK-Med, Imperial College, GOAL Global and others.

As a recent DrPH graduate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine she is well connected to evidence-generation efforts in the global health space. Her DrPH researched how communities were engaged in large epidemics of Ebola and how their knowledge and experiences were integrated into response actions.

Gillian contributes to research and policy in the fields of epidemic disease, community engagement in humanitarian crises, maternal health, gender and human rights, and the health impacts of global trends including urbanization, migration, and climate change.

Gillian holds a BSN from the University of British Columbia and an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is active in Canadian academic circles as a 2016 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar.


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Global Health and Development


Centre for Maternal Adolescent Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)
Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre
Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Response


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Research Area
Health policy
Health systems
Infectious disease policy
Maternal health
Public health
Behaviour change
Capacity strengthening
Disease control
Global Health
Qualitative methods
Reproductive health
Policy analysis
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Pandemic diseases
Emerging Infectious Disease
Vector borne disease
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
Least developed countries: UN classification
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)