Professor Philippe Mayaud


of Infectious Diseases & Reproductive Health

Room 304(a)

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

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  • Trained as GP and in infectious and tropical diseases in France.
  • MSc in Clinical Tropical Medicine from the LSHTM (1990-91)
  • Professional experience in HIV/STI care in French Guiana (1985-86), as a District Medical Officer in the Commonwealth of Dominica (1987-1990), and as a researcher in a large STI/HIV intervention and research programme in Mwanza, Tanzania (1991-97). 
  • Working with LSHTM since 1991.
  • Honorary Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • External examiner, School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana.
  • Visiting Professor at University of Sao Paulo (USP), School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Sao Paulo, Brazil, through CAPES-funded Science without Borders programme.


Department of Clinical Research
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Centre for Evaluation
Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)
Vaccine Centre


  • Module Organiser: "Control of STI" since 1997.
  • Regular teaching on the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases, the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the MSc in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research at LSHTM;
  • External teaching currently at Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Antwerp, Belgium; and University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; and in the past for various other national and international STI courses including: at the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, UK; University of Bordeaux and IMEA Fondation Leon M´Ba, Paris, France; Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden; and University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


  • Main research interests are in the clinical management of sexually transmitted infectons (STI), the organisation of STI/HIV prevention and care services in various contexts, and the evaluation of interventions targeting the HIV-STI interactions, with a particular interest in genital herpes (HSV-2), human papillomavirus (HPV), and cervico-vaginal infections.
  • I have participated, through a succession of DFID-funded research programmes on HIV/AIDS & STI, in research on various aspects of HIV/STI control in several anglophone and francophone African countries, in China and in Brazil.
  • Coordinator of an EU/FP7 funded consortium (2010-2014) conducting research on the evaluation of cervical cancer prevention among HIV-infected women in Africa - the HPV in Africa Research Partnership (HARP) (
Research Area
Clinical trials
Sexual health
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Sexually transmitted disease
Human papillomavirus (HPV)
Sexually transmitted infection
Burkina Faso
United Kingdom
Gambia, The
South Africa
Caribbean small states
Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Safety and Immunogenicity of Human Papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-Adjuvanted Vaccine: A Randomized Trial in 10-25-Year-Old HIV-Seronegative African Girls and Young Women.
Sow, P.S.; Watson-Jones, D.; Kiviat, N.; Changalucha, J.; Mbaye, K.D.; Brown, J.; Bousso, K.; Kavishe, B.; Andreasen, A.; Toure, M.; Kapiga, S.; Mayaud, P.; Hayes, R.; Lebacq, M.; Herazeh, M.; Thomas, F.; Descamps, D.;
J Infect Dis
Transmission of Human Herpesvirus Type 8 Infection Within Families in American Indigenous Populations From the Brazilian Amazon
Borges, J.D.; Souza, V.; Giambartolomei, C.; Dudbridge, F.; Freire, W.S.; Gregorio, S.A.; Torrez, P.P.Q.; Quiroga, M.; Mayaud, P.; Pannuti, C.S.; Nascimento, M.C.
Journal of Infectious Diseases
HPV vaccination in Tanzanian schoolgirls: cluster-randomised trial comparing two vaccine delivery strategies.
Watson-Jones, D.; Baisley, K.; Ponsiano, R.; Lemme, F.; Remes, P.; Ross, D.; Kapiga, S.; Mayaud, P.; de Sanjosé, S.; Wight, D.; Changalucha, J.; Hayes, R.;
J Infect Dis
Impact of aciclovir on genital and plasma HIV-1 RNA in HSV-2/HIV-1 co-infected women: a randomized placebo-controlled trial in South Africa.
Delany, S.; Mlaba, N.; Clayton, T.; Akpomiemie, G.; Capovilla, A.; Legoff, J.; Belec, L.; Stevens, W.; Rees, H.; Mayaud, P.;
Rapid point-of-care diagnostic test for syphilis in high-risk populations, Manaus, Brazil.
Sabidó, M.; Benzaken, A.S.; de-Andrade-Rodrigues, E.J.; Mayaud, P.;
Emerg Infect Dis
Impact of Acyclovir on Genital and Plasma HIV-1 RNA, Genital Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 DNA, and Ulcer Healing among HIV-1-Infected African Women with Herpes Ulcers: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.
Mayaud, P.; Legoff, J.; Weiss, H.A.; Grésenguet, G.; Nzambi, K.; Bouhlal, H.; Frost, E.; Pépin, J.; Malkin, J.E.; Hayes, R.J.; Mabey, D.C.; Bélec, L.; ANRS 1212 Study Group, .;
J Infect Dis
Herpes simplex virus and HIV-1: deciphering viral synergy.
Van de Perre, P.; Segondy, M.; Foulongne, V.; Ouedraogo, A.; Konate, I.; Huraux, J.M.; Mayaud, P.; Nagot, N.;
Lancet Infect Dis
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