Dr Dalya Marks

BA (Hons) MSc PhD

Associate Professor
in Public Health

Room 227

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

020 7927 2177

Dalya has extensive experience of working in Public Health across London, and she has always been driven by a desire to address the health inequalities in our society. She also works as a PH Strategist in Camden and Islington local authorities where she works on a diverse portfolio, combining PH practice with academia. Dalya is interested in integrating public health research into practice, and ensuring that her research is of relevance to policy makers and planners. As part of this function, she is co-PI on two NIHR PH Practioner Evaluation Scheme projects (one on place-based health and young people and the other on housing).

Dalya is passionate to develop innovative ways of understanding the needs of our communities, through research, and public engagement and participatory activities. Dalya has led and supported several research projects using the photovoice methodology. She is an active member of the LSHTM School for PH Research and a duputy lead for the NIHR North Thames ARC population health and social care theme.

She worked as a coronary heart disease manager at Ealing Primary Care Trust (2004-2006) before taking up the joint academia and practice post between the LSHTM and Camden PCT in 2006. Between 1997 and 2004, Dalya worked at the LSHTM on the public health and policy implications of the screening for, and prevention of coronary morbidity/mortality (specifically familial hypercholeterolaemia).

Prior to this, Dalya was the study coordinator of the Whitehall II Study at University College London and worked on EU funded projects examining the differences in health outcomes across eastern and western Europe. 


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation


Dalya is a Programme Director on the MSc in Public Health.

She is module organiser for the module 'Principles & Practice of Public Health' which is compulsory for all PH general stream students. It runs over a 5 week period in Term 3 (April-May).

Dalya is actively involved in the LEARN community at the LSHTM, as she is committed to educational research stimulated by her teaching management responsibilities. In 2015, she co-developed the Perspectivity PH Challenge, a board game which acts as a learning tool to understand the complexity of PH decision-making using a population health perspective (see The game has been played in the UK, in the Netherlands and New Zealand, with students, policy makers, clinicians and interested lay-people. 


Dalya is interested in ensuring academic research is accessible to practitioners. She is part of the School of Public Health Research understanding how practitioners view and use evidence locally, exploring how the wider determinants of health (for example housing, alcohol licensing) might impact on health inequalities. Dalya is involved in several projects using the PhotoVoice methodology. Dalya is particularly interested in understanding the policy environment required to support the transfer of knowledge between research and practice. 

Dalya was also part of a team evaluating a national programme funded by the RNIB to reduce avoidable blindness in 5 sites across the country.

Her previous research interests focussed on the prevention of coronary heart disease. Her PhD was on the public health, economic, social and policy implications of screening for, and prevention of coronary morbidity/mortality (specifically familial hypercholeterolaemia, or FH). Currently she is involved in exploring women's attitudes to, and acceptance of screening for ovarian cancer, specifically on the role that genetic testing plays in the decision-making process. 

Research Area
Complex interventions
Economic evaluation
Health inequalities
Health promotion
Health services research
Research : policy relationship
Social and structural determinants of health
Behaviour change
Environmental Health
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Social Policy
Disease and Health Conditions
Cardiovascular disease
Eye diseases
Non-communicable diseases
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Surgical decision making in premenopausal BRCA carriers considering risk-reducing early salpingectomy or salpingo-oophorectomy: a qualitative study.
Gaba F; Goyal S; Marks D; Chandrasekaran D; Evans O; Robbani S; Tyson C; Legood R; Saridogan E; McCluggage WG
Journal of medical genetics
Evaluation of public health interventions from a complex systems perspective: A research methods review.
McGill E; Er V; Penney T; Egan M; White M; Meier P; Whitehead M; Lock K; Anderson de Cuevas R; Smith R
Social Science & Medicine
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