Mrs Camille Maringe


Research Fellow

CR UK Cancer Survival Group, Room 254

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2578

+44 (0)20 7436 4230

Camille completed her graduation in biostatistic at ENSAI in France (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Analyse de l'Information). She worked as a statistical fellow for the GSK epidemiology department before joining the School in November 2007. She is currently a research fellow in the CRUK Cancer Survival Group/ Department of Non-communicable disease Epidemiology.


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Undertaking the study of trends in cancer incidence, mortality and survival in South Asians in England and Wales, 1986-2004.

Looking at international patterns of relative survival from cancer. Investigating the role of stage and treatment in explaining the international differences in survival.

Involved in a Policy Research Unit on cancer awareness, screening and early diagnosis, looking at primary care characteristics and emergency presentation of lung cancer patients.

Research Area
Health inequalities
Health outcomes
Disease and Health Conditions
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Multivariable flexible modelling for estimating complete, smoothed life tables for sub-national populations.
Rachet, B. ; Maringe, C. ; Woods, L.M. ; Ellis, L. ; Spika, D. ; Allemani, C. ;
BMC Public Health
Cancer incidence in South Asian migrants to England, 1986-2004: Unravelling ethnic from socio-economic differentials.
Maringe, C.; Mangtani, P.; Rachet, B.; Leon, D.A.; Coleman, M.P.; dos Santos Silva, I.;
Int J Cancer
Stage at diagnosis and colorectal cancer survival in six high-income countries: A population-based study of patients diagnosed during 2000-2007.
Maringe, C.; Walters, S.; Rachet, B.; Butler, J.; Fields, T.; Finan, P.; Maxwell, R.; Nedrebø, B.; Påhlman, L.; Sjövall, A.; Spigelman, A.; Engholm, G.; Gavin, A.; Gjerstorff, M.L.; Hatcher, J.; Johannesen, T.B.; Morris, E.; McGahan, C.E.; Tracey, E.; Turner, D.; Richards, M.A.; Coleman, M.P.; ICBP Module 1 Working Group, .;
Acta Oncol
Comparability of stage data in cancer registries in six countries: lessons from the international cancer benchmarking partnership.
Walters, S.; Maringe, C.; Butler, J.; Brierley, J.D.; Rachet, B.; Coleman, M.P.;
Int J Cancer
Stage at diagnosis and ovarian cancer survival: Evidence from the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership.
Maringe, C.; Walters, S.; Butler, J.; Coleman, M.P.; Hacker, N.; Hanna, L.; Mosgaard, B.J.; Nordin, A.; Rosen, B.; Engholm, G.; Gjerstorff, M.L.; Hatcher, J.; Johannesen, T.B.; McGahan, C.E.; Meechan, D.; Middleton, R.; Tracey, E.; Turner, D.; Richards, M.A.; Rachet, B.; ICBP Module 1 Working Group, .;
Gynecol Oncol
Cancer survival in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the UK, 1995-2007 (the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership): an analysis of population-based cancer registry data.
Coleman, M.P.; Forman, D.; Bryant, H.; Butler, J.; Rachet, B.; Maringe, C.; Nur, U.; Tracey, E.; Coory, M.; Hatcher, J.; McGahan, C.E.; Turner, D.; Marrett, L.; Gjerstorff, M.L.; Johannesen, T.B.; Adolfsson, J.; Lambe, M.; Lawrence, G.; Meechan, D.; Morris, E.J.; Middleton, R.; Steward, J.; Richards, M.A.; ICBP Module 1 Working Group (inc; Walters, S;)
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