Dr Julia Lohmann

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom

I am a health systems researcher with a background in psychology. My research focuses on understanding the complexities of working in health systems in low- and middle-income countries, how these impact motivation, wellbeing, retention and quality of care provided by health workers, and how health workers can be supported, technically and interpersonally. I use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods in mixed methods designs that closely align with global health practice.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I currently teach on the Distance Learning Module Evaluation of Public Health Interventions and supervise several doctoral students as well as MSc summer projects.


I am interested in health systems in resource-limited settings, and particularly in the people working therein. My research aims to understand which factors affect their wellbeing, motivation, performance, and retention/migration, and how these can be improved.

My current main project investigates psychological wellbeing of health workers across multiple countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, determinants of good vs poor wellbeing, and consequences for performance, using both quantitative and qualitative methods and primary and secondary data. Subprojects include: A quantative analysis across 12 countries to understand the link between wellbeing and quality of maternal and childhood care; in response to COVID-19, a longitudinal qualitative study in Burkina Faso, the Gambia, and Senegal to capture health workers' experiences, coping, and resulting psychosocial wellbeing during the first nine months of the pandemic; a qualitative study in Burkina Faso to understand the compound effects of multiple shocks and crises for health workers' psychological wellbeing; and a review of the mental health impacts of workplace violence against health workers. I further undertake methodological research into the measurement of health worker wellbeing.

I am further engaged in projects investigating the impact of health financing arrangements on health worker motivation and performance; on the role of climate and climate shocks in health worker wellbeing and performance; and on the impacts health worker migration from low- and middle to high-income countries.
Research Area
Complex interventions
Global Health
Health care financing
Health services research
Health systems
Health workers
Impact evaluation
Occupational health
Implementation science
Mixed methods research
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)
European Union

Selected Publications

Why did performance-based financing in Burkina Faso fail to achieve the intended equity effects? A process tracing study.
LOHMANN, J; Koulidiati, J-L; Robyn, PJ; Somé, P-A; De Allegri, M;
Social science & medicine
No impact of performance-based financing on the availability of essential medicines in Burkina Faso: A mixed-methods study.
LOHMANN, J; Brenner, S; Koulidiati, J-L; Somda, SM A; Robyn, PJ; De Allegri, M;
PLOS Global Public Health
Psychological wellbeing in a resource-limited work environment: examining levels and determinants among health workers in rural Malawi.
LOHMANN, J; Shulenbayev, O; Wilhelm, D; Muula, AS; De Allegri, M;
Human resources for health
Responding to policy makers' evaluation needs: combining experimental and quasi-experimental approaches to estimate the impact of performance based financing in Burkina Faso.
De Allegri, M; LOHMANN, J; Souares, A; Hillebrecht, M; Hamadou, S; Hien, H; Haidara, O; Robyn, PJ;
BMC health services research
Exploiting the emergent nature of mixed methods designs: insights from a mixed methods impact evaluation in Malawi.
De Allegri, M; Brenner, S; Kambala, C; Mazalale, J; Muula, AS; Chinkhumba, J; Wilhelm, D; LOHMANN, J;
Health policy and planning
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