Dr Jackie Knee

Assistant Professor

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
United Kingdom

I am an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Health Group, a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) related research. I joined LSHTM in 2019 as a Marshall Sherfield Fellow. I have a background in environmental health microbiology and hold a PhD in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science of Public Health from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Antimicrobial Resistance Centre


I lecture on several modules, including Applied Communicable Disease Control, WASH & Health, and Environmental Epidemiology and support the Public Health for Development course as a tutor and seminar leader in the Applying Public Health Principles module.


I lead or co-lead several projects related to my research interests, including the Environmental Pathway of Infection in Children (EPIC) project which aims to understand childhood exposure to enteric pathogens in Mozambique, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. In Mozambique, this work continues a 10-year collaboration with the National Institute of Health, and is nested within the SaniVac trial, which aims to assess the role of sanitation access on oral rotavirus vaccine immunogenicity and the rate of acquisition of enteric infections during early childhood. I am the co-PI on a study of oral cholera vaccine (OCV) in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, which aims to measure the impact and effectiveness of OCV in an endemic setting of Uvira, DRC, as well as to characterise household-level transmission patterns of Vibrio cholerae. I am the laboratory lead for several studies across sub-Saharan Africa that use tools including TaqMan Array Cards to better understand the role of exposure to enteric pathogens among children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, as well as to explore food-related pathogen exposure among children.
Research Area
Child health
Disease control
Environmental Health
Global Health
Health outcomes
Impact evaluation
Molecular biology
Disease and Health Conditions
Diarrhoeal diseases
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Selected Publications

Enteric pathogen detection among children discharged from outpatient treatment for severe acute malnutrition and associations with subsequent relapse in South Sudan
KNEE, J; D'Mello-Guyett, L; Grignard, L; MYERS, A; King, S; Agong, J; Gose, M; Lamaka, NG; Marshak, A; Trehan, I; Ayoub, K; Stobaugh, H; CUMMING, O;
Center for Open Science
Effect of an onsite shared sanitation intervention on markers of environmental enteric dysfunction in children living in Maputo, Mozambique
KNEE, J; Sumner, T; Adriano, Z; Anderson, C; Braga, JM; Capone, D; Casmo, V; Holcomb, D; Molotkova, E; Russo, C; Zambrana, W; Nalá, R; CUMMING, O; Brown, J;
Center for Open Science
Sanitation in urban areas may limit the spread of antimicrobial resistance via flies.
Capone, D; CUMMING, O; Flemister, A; Ilevbare, V; Irish, SR; Keenum, I; KNEE, J; Nala, R; Brown, J;
PloS one
Associations between Shared Sanitation, Stunting and Diarrhoea in Low-Income, High Density Urban Neighbourhoods of Maputo, Mozambique - a Cross-Sectional Study.
BRAUN, L; MacDougall, A; Sumner, T; Adriano, Z; Viegas, E; Nalá, R; Brown, J; KNEE, J; CUMMING, O;
Maternal and child health journal
Is detection of enteropathogens and human or animal faecal markers in the environment associated with subsequent child enteric infections and growth: an individual participant data meta-analysis.
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The Lancet Global Health
Cholera Deaths During Outbreaks in Uvira, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, 10-35 Months After Mass Vaccination.
Bugeme, PM; Xu, H; HUTCHINS, C; Dent, J; Saidi, JM; Rumedeka, BB; Itongwa, M; Mashauri, JF Z; Masembe Lulela, F; Bengehya, J; Kulondwa, J-C; Debes, AK; Ciglenecki, I; Tshiwedi, E; Kitoga, F; Bodisa-Matamu, T; Nadège, T; Kavunga-Membo, H; Lunguya, O; Welo, PO; KNEE, J; Mukadi-Bamuleka, D; Azman, AS; Malembaka, EB;
Open forum infectious diseases
Effectiveness of one dose of killed oral cholera vaccine in an endemic community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a matched case-control study.
Malembaka, EB; Bugeme, PM; HUTCHINS, C; Xu, H; Hulse, JD; Demby, MN; Gallandat, K; Saidi, JM; Rumedeka, BB; Itongwa, M; Tshiwedi-Tsilabia, E; Kitoga, F; Bodisa-Matamu, T; Kavunga-Membo, H; Bengehya, J; Kulondwa, J-C; Debes, AK; Taty, N; Lee, EC; Lunguya, O; Lessler, J; Leung, DT; CUMMING, O; Okitayemba, PW; Mukadi-Bamuleka, D; ... Azman, AS.
The Lancet. Infectious diseases
Challenges with Achieving and Maintaining High Oral Cholera Vaccine Coverage in Uvira, The Democratic Republic of the Congo: serial cross-sectional representative surveys
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OSF Preprints
Spatiotemporal modelling of cholera and implications for its control, Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo
RATNAYAKE, R; KNEE, J; CUMMING, O; Saidi, JM; Rumedeka, BB; Finger, F; Azman, A; EDMUNDS, J; CHECCHI, F; Gallandat, K;
Simplified sewerage to prevent urban leptospirosis transmission: a cluster non-randomised controlled trial protocol in disadvantaged urban communities of Salvador, Brazil.
Cremonese, C; Souza, FN; Palma, FA G; Sodré, JF A; Brito, RL; Ribeiro, PD S; Santana, JO; Coelho, RH; Ticona, JP A; Nazaré, RJ; De Oliveira, D; Silva, CQ; EYRE, MT; Mendes, VD A; KNEE, J; Ristow, P; Stauber, CE; López, YA A; Giorgi, E; Diggle, PJ; Reis, MG G; CUMMING, O; Ko, A; Costa, F;
BMJ Open
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