Prof Immo Kleinschmidt

Professor of Epidemiology

United Kingdom


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and International Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Malaria Centre

Selected Publications

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness against malaria of three types of dual-active-ingredient long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) compared with pyrethroid-only LLINs in Tanzania: a four-arm, cluster-randomised trial.
Mosha, JF; Kulkarni, MA; Lukole, E; MATOWO, NS; PITT, C; MESSENGER, LA; Mallya, E; Jumanne, M; Aziz, T; Kaaya, R; Shirima, BA; Isaya, G; Taljaard, M; MARTIN, J; Hashim, R; Thickstun, C; Manjurano, A; KLEINSCHMIDT, I; Mosha, FW; ROWLAND, M; PROTOPOPOFF, N;
The Lancet
Serological evaluation of the effectiveness of reactive focal mass drug administration and reactive vector control to reduce malaria transmission in Zambezi Region, Namibia: Results from a secondary analysis of a cluster randomised trial.
Wu, L; Hsiang, MS; Prach, LM; SCHRUBBE, L; Ntuku, H; Dufour, M-SK; Whittemore, B; Scott, V; Yala, J; Roberts, KW; PATTERSON, C; BIGGS, J; Hall, T; TETTEH, KK A; Gueye, CS; Greenhouse, B; Bennett, A; Smith, JL; Katokele, S; Uusiku, P; Mumbengegwi, D; GOSLING, R; DRAKELEY, C; KLEINSCHMIDT, I;
2. Insecticides and malaria
Ecology and Control of Vector-borne Diseases
Impact and cost-effectiveness of a lethal house lure against malaria transmission in central Côte d'Ivoire: a two-arm, cluster-randomised controlled trial.
Sternberg, ED; COOK, J; Alou, LP A; Assi, SB; Koffi, AA; Doudou, DT; Aoura, CJ; Wolie, RZ; Oumbouke, WA; Worrall, E; KLEINSCHMIDT, I; N'Guessan, R; Thomas, MB;
Lancet (London, England)
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of reactive, targeted indoor residual spraying for malaria control in low-transmission settings: a cluster-randomised, non-inferiority trial in South Africa.
BATH, D; COOK, J; Govere, J; Mathebula, P; Morris, N; Hlongwana, K; Raman, J; Seocharan, I; Zitha, A; Zitha, M; Mabuza, A; Mbokazi, F; Machaba, E; Mabunda, E; Jamesboy, E; BIGGS, J; DRAKELEY, C; Moonasar, D; Maharaj, R; Coetzee, M; PITT, C; KLEINSCHMIDT, I;
Effectiveness of reactive focal mass drug administration and reactive focal vector control to reduce malaria transmission in the low malaria-endemic setting of Namibia: a cluster-randomised controlled, open-label, two-by-two factorial design trial.
Hsiang, MS; Ntuku, H; Roberts, KW; Dufour, M-SK; Whittemore, B; Tambo, M; McCreesh, P; Medzihradsky, OF; Prach, LM; Siloka, G; Siame, N; Gueye, CS; SCHRUBBE, L; WU, L; Scott, V; Tessema, S; Greenhouse, B; Erlank, E; Koekemoer, LL; Sturrock, HJ W; Mwilima, A; Katokele, S; Uusiku, P; Bennett, A; Smith, JL; ... GOSLING, R.
Cluster-Randomized Test-Negative Design Trials: A Novel and Efficient Method to Assess the Efficacy of Community-Level Dengue Interventions.
Anders, KL; Cutcher, Z; KLEINSCHMIDT, I; Donnelly, CA; Ferguson, NM; Indriani, C; Ryan, PA; O'Neill, SL; JEWELL, NP; Simmons, CP;
American journal of epidemiology
Implications of insecticide resistance for malaria vector control with long-lasting insecticidal nets: a WHO-coordinated, prospective, international, observational cohort study.
KLEINSCHMIDT, I; BRADLEY, J; Knox, TB; Mnzava, AP; Kafy, HT; Mbogo, C; Ismail, BA; Bigoga, JD; Adechoubou, A; Raghavendra, K; COOK, J; Malik, EM; Nkuni, ZJ; Macdonald, M; Bayoh, N; Ochomo, E; Fondjo, E; Awono-Ambene, HP; Etang, J; Akogbeto, M; Bhatt, RM; Chourasia, MK; Swain, DK; Kinyari, T; Subramaniam, K; ... Donnelly, MJ.
The Lancet infectious diseases
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