Prof Richard Hayes

Professor of Epid & International Health

United Kingdom

I am a statistical epidemiologist working mainly on the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases in low and middle income countries. I have been working at the School since 1978, and for much of this period have headed the MRC International Statistics and Epidemiology Group (ISEG) whose mission is to develop and apply statistical and epidemiological methods and to carry out research on major public health problems of low and middle income countries.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and International Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Data and Statistical Science for Health
TB Centre
Vaccine Centre


I am closely involved in the teaching of epidemiology and statistics at the School, and am joint organiser of the module in Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology. I was responsible for setting up the Short Course in Advanced Epidemiological Methods, now known as the Advanced Course in Epidemiological Analysis, and was also closely involved in the development of the School's Distance Learning MSc in Clinical Trials as well as the Short Course in Design & Analysis of Cluster Randomised and Stepped Wedge Trials.


I am a statistical epidemiologist, whose main research interest is in the epidemiology of infectious diseases of public health importance in low and middle income countries. I have a particular interest in the epidemiology and control of HIV and related infections, including sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis. I have been one of the principal investigators of a collaborative programme of research in Mwanza, Tanzania whose aim is to develop and evaluate effective preventive interventions against the HIV epidemic, and helped to establish the Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit which aims to develop as an East African centre of excellence in this area. I am also involved in collaborative research on HIV and related infections in other parts of Africa, including Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. I am also involved in work on statistical and epidemiological methods and on transmission models of HIV and other STIs. I have a special interest in intervention trials and in particular have conducted research on the design and analysis of cluster-randomised trials. I am a senior member of the MRC International Statistics and Epidemiology Group (ISEG) and have jointly headed the Biostatistics Core of CREATE, a Gates-funded consortium to evaluate the impact of innovative TB control measures in HIV-endemic populations. I was principal investigator of the HPTN 071 (PopART) study, a cluster-randomised trial which evaluated the impact of a universal testing and treatment intervention on population-level HIV incidence in Zambia and South Africa.
Research Area
Global health
Randomised controlled trials
Statistical methods
Complex interventions
Impact evaluation
Disease and Health Conditions
Sexually transmitted infections
Infectious diseases
South Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Effect of Universal Testing and Treatment on HIV Incidence - HPTN 071 (PopART).
HAYES, RJ; Donnell, D; FLOYD, S; Mandla, N; Bwalya, J; SABAPATHY, K; Yang, B; PHIRI, M; SCHAAP, A; Eshleman, SH; Piwowar-Manning, E; Kosloff, B; James, A; Skalland, T; Wilson, E; Emel, L; MACLEOD, D; Dunbar, R; Simwinga, M; Makola, N; BOND, V; Hoddinott, G; Moore, A; Griffith, S; Deshmane Sista, N; ... HPTN 071 (PopART) Study Team,
The New England journal of medicine
A universal testing and treatment intervention to improve HIV control: One-year results from intervention communities in Zambia in the HPTN 071 (PopART) cluster-randomised trial.
HAYES, R; FLOYD, S; SCHAAP, A; Shanaube, K; Bock, P; SABAPATHY, K; Griffith, S; Donnell, D; Piwowar-Manning, E; El-Sadr, W; Beyers, N; AYLES, H; Fidler, S; HPTN 071 (PopART) Study Team,;
PLoS medicine
Effect of household and community interventions on the burden of tuberculosis in southern Africa: the ZAMSTAR community-randomised trial.
AYLES, H; Muyoyeta, M; Du Toit, E; SCHAAP, A; FLOYD, S; SIMWINGA, M; Shanaube, K; Chishinga, N; BOND, V; Dunbar, R; De Haas, P; James, A; Gey van Pittius, NC; Claassens, M; FIELDING, K; FENTY, J; Sismanidis, C; HAYES, RJ; Beyers, N; GODFREY-FAUSSETT, P; ZAMSTAR team,;
The Regai Dzive Shiri project: results of a randomized trial of an HIV prevention intervention for youth.
Cowan, FM; Pascoe, SJ S; Langhaug, LF; Mavhu, W; Chidiya, S; Jaffar, S; Mbizvo, MT; Stephenson, JM; Johnson, AM; Power, RM; Woelk, G; HAYES, RJ; Regai Dzive Shiri trial team,;
AIDS (London, England)
Comparison of two active case-finding strategies for community-based diagnosis of symptomatic smear-positive tuberculosis and control of infectious tuberculosis in Harare, Zimbabwe (DETECTB): a cluster-randomised trial.
CORBETT, EL; Bandason, T; Duong, T; Dauya, E; Makamure, B; Churchyard, GJ; Williams, BG; Munyati, SS; Butterworth, AE; Mason, PR; Mungofa, S; HAYES, RJ;
PRO2000 vaginal gel for prevention of HIV-1 infection (Microbicides Development Programme 301): a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group trial.
McCormack, S; Ramjee, G; Kamali, A; Rees, H; Crook, AM; GAFOS, M; Jentsch, U; Pool, R; Chisembele, M; KAPIGA, S; MUTEMWA, R; Vallely, A; Palanee, T; Sookrajh, Y; Lacey, CJ; Darbyshire, J; GROSSKURTH, H; Profy, A; Nunn, A; HAYES, R; Weber, J;
Long-term biological and behavioural impact of an adolescent sexual health intervention in Tanzania: follow-up survey of the community-based MEMA kwa Vijana Trial.
DOYLE, AM; ROSS, DA; Maganja, K; BAISLEY, K; Masesa, C; Andreasen, A; Plummer, ML; Obasi, AI N; WEISS, HA; KAPIGA, S; WATSON-JONES, D; Changalucha, J; HAYES, RJ; MEMA kwa Vijana Trial Study Group,;
PLoS medicine
Effect of herpes simplex suppression on incidence of HIV among women in Tanzania.
WATSON-JONES, D; WEISS, HA; Rusizoka, M; Changalucha, J; BAISLEY, K; Mugeye, K; TANTON, C; ROSS, D; Everett, D; CLAYTON, T; Balira, R; KNIGHT, L; Hambleton, I; Le Goff, J; Belec, L; HAYES, R; HSV trial team,; Steering and Data Monitoring Committees,;
The New England journal of medicine
Biological and behavioural impact of an adolescent sexual health intervention in Tanzania: a community-randomized trial.
ROSS, DA; Changalucha, J; Obasi, AI; TODD, J; Plummer, ML; Cleophas-Mazige, B; Anemona, A; Everett, D; WEISS, HA; MABEY, DC; GROSSKURTH, H; HAYES, RJ;
AIDS (London, England)
Uptake of workplace HIV counselling and testing: a cluster-randomised trial in Zimbabwe.
CORBETT, EL; Dauya, E; Matambo, R; Cheung, YB; Makamure, B; Bassett, MT; Chandiwana, S; Munyati, S; Mason, PR; Butterworth, AE; GODFREY-FAUSSETT, P; HAYES, RJ;
PLoS medicine
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