Mrs Alvira Hasan

Research Student - DrPH - Epidemiology & Population Health

United Kingdom


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Dynamics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


I am interested in infectious disease surveillance strategies, particularly on vaccine preventable diseases.

My thesis is focused on assessing feasibility of school-based vaccination program in Zambia to identify measles zero dose and under-vaccinated children and communities.
Research Area
Infectious disease policy
Disease and Health Conditions

Selected Publications

Post-campaign coverage evaluation of a measles and rubella supplementary immunization activity in five districts in India, 2019-2020.
Thangaraj, JW V; Prosperi, C; Kumar, MS; HASAN, AZ; Kumar, VS; Winter, AK; Bansal, AK; Chauhan, SL; Grover, GS; Jain, AK; Kulkarni, RN; Sharma, SK; Soman, B; Chaaithanya, IK; Kharwal, S; Mishra, SK; Salvi, NR; Sarmah, NP; Sharma, S; Varghese, A; Sabarinathan, R; Duraiswamy, A; Rani, DS; Kanagasabai, K; Lachyan, A; ... Murherkar, MV.
PloS one
Evaluating the effect of measles and rubella mass vaccination campaigns on seroprevalence in India: a before-and-after cross-sectional household serosurvey in four districts, 2018-2020
Murhekar, MV; Gupta, N; HASAN, AZ; Kumar, MS; Kumar, VS; Prosperi, C; Sapkal, GN; Thangaraj, JW V; Kaduskar, O; Bhatt, V; Deshpande, GR; Thankappan, UP; Bansal, AK; Chauhan, SL; Grover, GS; Jain, AK; Kulkarni, RN; Sharma, SK; Chaaithanya, IK; Kharwal, S; Mishra, SK; Salvi, NR; Sharma, S; Sarmah, NP; Sabarinathan, R; ... Hayford, K.
The Lancet Global health
Experiences of sharing results of community based serosurvey with participants in a district of Maharashtra, India.
Salvi, N; Itta, KC; Lachyan, A; HASAN, AZ; Prosperi, C; Kumar, MS; Wesley Vivian Thangaraj, J; Kaduskar, O; Bhatt, V; Sapkal, GN; Murhekar, M; Gupta, N; Mehendale, S; Hayford, K; Moss, WJ; Chauhan, S; Kulkarni, R;
PloS One
Implementing Serosurveys in India: Experiences, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations.
HASAN, AZ; Kumar, MS; Prosperi, C; Thangaraj, JW V; Sabarinathan, R; Saravanakumar, V; Duraiswamy, A; Kaduskar, O; Bhatt, V; Deshpande, GR; Ullas, PT; Sapkal, GN; Sangal, L; Mehendale, SM; Gupta, N; Moss, WJ; Hayford, K; Murhekar, MV; IMRVI Study Group,;
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Optimization and Stability Testing of Four Commercially Available Dried Blood Spot Devices for Estimating Measles and Rubella IgG Antibodies.
Kaduskar, O; Bhatt, V; Prosperi, C; Hayford, K; HASAN, AZ; Deshpande, GR; Tilekar, B; Vivian Thangaraj, JW; Kumar, MS; Gupta, N; Murhekar, MV; Moss, WJ; Mehendale, SM; Sangal, L; Sapkal, G;
Diagnostic Accuracy of Dried Blood Spots Collected on HemaSpot HF Devices Compared to Venous Blood Specimens To Estimate Measles and Rubella Seroprevalence.
Prosperi, C; Kaduskar, O; Bhatt, V; HASAN, AZ; Vivian Thangaraj, JW; Kumar, MS; Sabarinathan, R; Kumar, S; Duraiswamy, A; Deshpande, GR; Padinjaremattathil Thankappan, U; Chauhan, SL; Kulkarni, RN; Bansal, AK; Chaaithanya, IK; Salvi, NR; Sharma, S; Moss, WJ; Sangal, L; Gupta, N; Murherkar, MV; Mehendale, SM; Sapkal, GN; Hayford, K;
Using pneumococcal and rotavirus surveillance in vaccine decision-making: A series of case studies in Bangladesh, Armenia and the Gambia.
HASAN, AZ; Saha, S; Saha, SK; Sahakyan, G; Grigoryan, S; Mwenda, JM; ANTONIO, M; Knoll, MD; Serhan, F; Cohen, AL; Pneumococcal and rotavirus surveillance case study,;
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