Dr Helen Harris-Fry

Associate Professor - Wellcome Fellow

United Kingdom

My work focuses on ensuring people's right to food and eliminating hunger worldwide. In particular, my research focuses on bridging nutrition and economics to better understand household behaviour and resource allocation, and co-designing nutrition programs and policies to be more impactful and more equitable. This has involved the evaluation of ecological interventions like forest conservation, pollination, and agricultural extension; social interventions such as women's groups, collective action, and interpersonal counselling; and food-based interventions like food transfers, cash transfers, and micronutrient fortification.


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


I co-organise the 'Maternal and Child Nutrition' module, and teach on other parts of the Nutrition for Global Health MSc.

I also co-organise a mentoring scheme in the ANH Academy, aiming to support early career professionals working in agriculture, nutrition, and health.


I hold a Wellcome Trust fellowship in which I am modelling the health and income costs of gender inequity and inefficient intra-household resource allocation using 11 different datasets from low- and middle-income countries. Through my fellowship, I am also affiliated UCL Centre for Global Health Economics and the Department of Economics at Northwestern University.

I lead LSHTM's contribution to the CAPPT project, a randomised trial testing the effectiveness of an interpersonal counselling intervention aiming to reduce anaemia in pregnancy in rural Nepal.

I am a co-investigator on UPAVAN, a cluster randomised trial of three nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions in rural Odisha, India, as well as the follow-on study (m-UPAVAN) testing the feasibility of remote adaptions of this intervention.

I advise on diet measurement on MicroPoll, a project exploring linkages between local pollinator populations and dietary quality led by Bristol University and HERD international.

I also advise the nutrition aspects of the new strategy for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with Center for Gender Equity at Stanford University, and have advised World Food Programme Nepal on their rice fortification strategy.
Research Area
Economics (social science)
Maternal health
South Asia

Selected Publications

A network approach for managing ecosystem services and improving food and nutrition security on smallholder farms
Timberlake, TP; Cirtwill, AR; Baral, SC; Bhusal, DR; Devkota, K; Harris‐Fry, HA; Kortsch, S; Myers, SS; Roslin, T; Saville, NM; Smith, MR; Strona, G; Memmott, J;
People and Nature
Economic inequality in malnutrition: a global systematic review and meta-analysis.
Alao, R; Nur, H; FIVIAN, E; Shankar, B; KADIYALA, S; HARRIS-FRY, H;
BMJ Global Health
Relative power: Explaining the effects of food and cash transfers on allocative behaviour in rural Nepalese households.
HARRIS-FRY, H; Saville, NM; Paudel, P; Manandhar, DS; Cortina-Borja, M; Skordis, J;
Journal of Development Economics
Differences in maternal and early child nutritional status by offspring sex in lowland Nepal.
Saville, NM; HARRIS-FRY, H; MARPHATIA, A; Reid, A; Cortina-Borja, M; Manandhar, DS; Wells, JC;
American Journal of Human Biology
Effect of nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions with participatory videos and women's group meetings on maternal and child nutritional outcomes in rural Odisha, India (UPAVAN trial): a four-arm, observer-blind, cluster-randomised controlled trial.
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The Lancet. Planetary health
The impact of gender equity in agriculture on nutritional status, diets, and household food security: a mixed-methods systematic review.
HARRIS-FRY, H; Nur, H; Shankar, B; Zanello, G; Srinivasan, C; KADIYALA, S;
Agricultural and empowerment pathways from land ownership to women's nutrition in India.
HARRIS-FRY, H; Krishnan, S; BEAUMONT, E; Prost, A; Gouda, S; Mohanty, S; Pradhan, R; Rath, S; Rath, S; Pradhan, S; Mishra, NK; ALLEN, E; KADIYALA, S;
Maternal and Child Nutrition
Equity implications of rice fortification: a modelling study from Nepal.
Saville, NM; Maharjan, M; Manandhar, DS; HARRIS-FRY, HA;
Public Health Nutrition
Participatory Women's Groups with Cash Transfers Can Increase Dietary Diversity and Micronutrient Adequacy during Pregnancy, whereas Women's Groups with Food Transfers Can Increase Equity in Intrahousehold Energy Allocation.
HARRIS-FRY, HA; Paudel, P; Harrisson, T; Shrestha, N; Jha, S; Beard, BJ; Copas, A; Shrestha, BP; Manandhar, DS; Costello, AM D L; Cortina-Borja, M; Saville, NM;
The Journal of nutrition
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