Dr Thandile Gondwe

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Selected Publications

Projected health impact of post-discharge malaria chemoprevention among children with severe malarial anaemia in Africa.
Okell, LC; Kwambai, TK; Dhabangi, A; Khairallah, C; Nkosi-Gondwe, T; Winskill, P; Opoka, R; MOUSA, A; Kühl, M-J; Lucas, TC D; Challenger, JD; Idro, R; Weiss, DJ; CAIRNS, M; Ter Kuile, FO; Phiri, K; Robberstad, B; Mori, AT;
Nature communications
Economic evaluation of postdischarge malaria chemoprevention in preschool children treated for severe anaemia in Malawi, Kenya, and Uganda: A cost-effectiveness analysis.
Kühl, M-J; GONDWE, T; Dhabangi, A; Kwambai, TK; Mori, AT; Opoka, R; John, CC; Idro, R; Ter Kuile, FO; Phiri, KS; Robberstad, B;
Isotopic measurement of iron requirements in sub-Saharan African children.
Speich, C; Brittenham, GM; Cercamondi, CI; Zeder, C; Nkosi-Gondwe, T; Phiri, KS; Moretti, D; Zimmermann, MB;
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
A cohort analysis of survival and outcomes in severely anaemic children with moderate to severe acute malnutrition in Malawi.
Nkosi-Gondwe, T; Calis, J; Boele van Hensbroek, M; Bates, I; Blomberg, B; Phiri, KS;
PloS one
Post-discharge malaria chemoprevention (PMC) in Malawi: caregivers` acceptance and preferences with regard to delivery methods.
Svege, S; Kaunda, B; Robberstad, B; Nkosi-Gondwe, T; Phiri, KS; Lange, S;
BMC health services research
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