Dr Rebecca Glover

Deputy Director - NIHR

United Kingdom

An interdisciplinary Assistant Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in Antimicrobial Resistance, in the department of Health Services Research and Policy. I am a thought leader in antimicrobial resistance innovation policy, social and commercial determinants of health, and evaluation with a particular interest in complex systems research. I am Associate Convener of the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group, a founding member of the LSHTM Commercial Determinants Research Group, and I served as the Head of Economic, Social, and Political Sciences in the LSHTM AMR Centre from 2018-2022.


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Antimicrobial Resistance Centre


I am the Module Organiser for Applied Communicable Disease Control, a modern module using problem based learning and applied lecturing styles to provide students with up-to-date, usable skills for their future careers in field epidemiology, programme management, and disease control


complex systems, complex evaluation, fast and slow pandemics, interactions between NCDs and IDs.

Selected Publications

Governing Integrated Health and Social Care: An Analysis of Experiences in Three European Countries.
EXLEY, J; GLOVER, R; Mccarey, M; Reed, S; Ahmed, A; Vrijhoef, H; Manacorda, T; Vaccaro, C; Longo, F; Stewart, E; MAYS, N; NOLTE, E;
International journal of integrated care
Why is the UK subscription model for antibiotics considered successful?
GLOVER, RE; Singer, A; Roberts, AP; Kirchhelle, C;
The Lancet Microbe
Stakeholders’ Views on the Implementation of the UK AMR National Action Plan (2019-2024) in Relation to AMR in the Environment
Tipper, H; Stanley, I; PACHO, A; GLOVER, RE; Singer, A;
Evaluation of the implementation of the UK Antimicrobial Resistance National Action Plan in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - self-care from a patient perspective
Meeting the governance challenges of integrated health and social care
EXLEY, J; GLOVER, R; McCarey, M; Reed, S; Ahmed, A; Vrijhoef, H; Manacorda, T; Stewart, E; MAYS, N; NOLTE, E;
European Journal of Public Health
The antibiotic subscription model: fostering innovation or repackaging old drugs?
GLOVER, RE; Singer, AC; Roberts, AP; Kirchhelle, C;
The Lancet. Microbe
Methodological guidance for incorporating equity when informing rapid-policy and guideline development.
Dewidar, O; Kawala, BA; Antequera, A; Tricco, AC; Tovey, D; Straus, S; GLOVER, R; Tufte, J; Magwood, O; Smith, M; Ooi, CP; Dion, A; Goetghebeur, M; Reveiz, L; Negrini, S; Tugwell, P; Petkovic, J; Welch, V; COVID-END Equity Task Force,;
Journal of clinical epidemiology
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