Ms Clare Gilham

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom

I am a statistical epidemiologist who graduated from the University of Reading in 1996 with a BSc in Applied Statistics and then in 1997 from the University of Leicester with an MSc in Medical Statistics. I have been in my current role since 1999 (Institute of Cancer Research 1999-2004 and LSHTM 2004-date).


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


I am one of the co-organisers of the Advanced Course in Epidemiological Analysis short course. I also teach sessions for STEPH, SME and ASME and supervise distance learning summer projects.


I am primarily involved in research concerning human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer screening. I am the PI of the Catch-up Screen Project, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, which will evaluate the impact of offering an at-home urine HPV test to women now aged 65-79 who left the cervical screening programme before the introduction of primary HPV testing. I am also updating two cohort studies investigating the long term risk of cervical cancer following HPV infection which recruited in Manchester: the ARTISTIC trial (a randomised trial of HPV testing in primary cervical screening) and the Manchester Cohort Study.
Disease and Health Conditions
Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Selected Publications

Diagnostic accuracy of cervical cancer screening and screening-triage strategies among women living with HIV-1 in Burkina Faso and South Africa: A cohort study.
KELLY, HA; Chikandiwa, A; Sawadogo, B; GILHAM, C; Michelow, P; Lompo, OG; Omar, T; Zan, S; Magooa, P; Segondy, M; Nagot, N; Meda, N; Delany-Moretlwe, S; MAYAUD, P; HARP Study Group,;
PLoS medicine
Cervical cancer screening in older women.
GILHAM, C; Crosbie, EJ; PETO, J;
BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
Cohabitation, infection and breast cancer risk.
Kinlen, LJ; GILHAM, C; Ray, R; Thomas, DB; PETO, J;
International journal of cancer
Implications for women testing positive for human papillomavirus.
HPV testing compared with routine cytology in cervical screening: long-term follow-up of ARTISTIC RCT
GILHAM, C; Sargent, A; Kitchener, HC; PETO, J;
Health Technology Assessment
HPV testing compared with routine cytology in cervical screening: long-term follow-up of ARTISTIC RCT.
GILHAM, C; Sargent, A; Kitchener, HC; PETO, J;
Health Technol Assess
High-dose oral vitamin D supplementation and mortality in people aged 65-84 years: the VIDAL cluster feasibility RCT of open versus double-blind individual randomisation.
RAKE, C; GILHAM, C; Bukasa, L; Ostler, R; Newton, M; Peto Wild, J; Aigret, B; Hill, M; Gillie, O; Nazareth, I; Sasieni, P; Martineau, A; PETO, J;
Health technology assessment (Winchester, England)
Past and current asbestos exposure and future mesothelioma risks in Britain: The Inhaled Particles Study (TIPS).
GILHAM, C; RAKE, C; Hodgson, J; Darnton, A; Burdett, G; Peto Wild, J; Newton, M; Nicholson, AG; Davidson, L; Shires, M; Treasure, T; PETO, J; TIPS Collaboration,;
International journal of epidemiology
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