Ms Clare Gilham


Assistant Professor


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2068

I graduated from the University of Reading in 1996 with a BSc in Applied Statistics and then in 1997 from the University of Leicester with an MSc in Medical Statistics. I have been in my current role since 1999 (Institute of Cancer Research 1999-2004 and LSHTM 2004-date).


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Global Chronic Conditions


I am one of the co-organisers of the Advanced Course in Epidemiological Analysis short course. I also teach sessions for STEPH and SME and supervise distance learning summer projects.


My primary research interest concerns HPV and cervical cancer. I am updating two cohort studies concerning the natural history of human papillomavirus (HPV) in relation to cervical screening which recruited in Manchester: the ARTISTIC trial (a randomised trial of HPV testing in primary cervical screening) and the Manchester Cohort Study. My other research area involves mesothelioma and lung cancer associated with asbestos exposure: MALCS is a large case-control study of mesothelioma in relation to lifetime occupational and other asbestos exposures and TIPS investigate future mesothelioma rates from asbestos lung fibre burden and exposure in the young general population.

Disease and Health Conditions
Cervical cancer
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Diagnostic accuracy of cervical cancer screening and screening-triage strategies among women living with HIV-1 in Burkina Faso and South Africa: A cohort study.
Kelly HA; Chikandiwa A; Sawadogo B; Gilham C; Michelow P; Lompo OG; Omar T; Zan S; Magooa P; Segondy M
PLoS medicine
Implications for women testing positive for human papillomavirus.
Gilham C
Cohabitation, infection and breast cancer risk.
Kinlen LJ; Gilham C; Ray R; Thomas DB; Peto J
International journal of cancer
HPV testing compared with routine cytology in cervical screening: long-term follow-up of ARTISTIC RCT
Gilham C; Sargent A; Kitchener HC; Peto J
Health Technology Assessment
Past and current asbestos exposure and future mesothelioma risks in Britain: The Inhaled Particles Study (TIPS).
Gilham C; Rake C; Hodgson J; Darnton A; Burdett G; Peto Wild J; Newton M; Nicholson AG; Davidson L; Shires M
International journal of epidemiology
High-dose oral vitamin D supplementation and mortality in people aged 65-84 years: the VIDAL cluster feasibility RCT of open versus double-blind individual randomisation.
Rake C; Gilham C; Bukasa L; Ostler R; Newton M; Peto Wild J; Aigret B; Hill M; Gillie O; Nazareth I
Health technology assessment (Winchester, England)
Associations of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes with high-grade cervical neoplasia (CIN2+) in a cohort of women living with HIV in Burkina Faso and South Africa.
Kelly HA; Ngou J; Chikandiwa A; Sawadogo B; Gilham C; Omar T; Lompo O; Doutre S; Meda N; Weiss HA
PloS one
Epidemiology of high-risk human papillomavirus and cervical lesions in African women living with HIV/AIDS: effect of anti-retroviral therapy.
Kelly HA; Sawadogo B; Chikandiwa A; Segondy M; Gilham C; Lompo O; Omar T; Didelot M-N; Nagot N; Meda N
AIDS (London, England)
Performance of careHPV for detecting high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia among women living with HIV-1 in Burkina Faso and South Africa: HARP study.
Segondy M; Kelly H; Magooa MP; Djigma F; Ngou J; Gilham C; Omar T; Goumbri-Lompo O; Michelow P; Doutre S
British journal of cancer
The PapilloCheck Assay for Detection of High-Grade Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia.
Crosbie EJ; Bailey A; Sargent A; Gilham C; Peto J; Kitchener HC
Journal of clinical microbiology
Pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer risks in relation to occupational history and asbestos lung burden.
Gilham C; Rake C; Burdett G; Nicholson AG; Davison L; Franchini A; Carpenter J; Hodgson J; Darnton A; Peto J
Occupational and environmental medicine
Comparison of analytical and clinical performances of the digene HC2 HPV DNA assay and the INNO-LiPA HPV genotyping assay for detecting high-risk HPV infection and cervical neoplasia among HIV-positive African women.
Ngou J; Gilham C; Omar T; Goumbri-Lompo O; Doutre S; Michelow P; Kelly H; Didelot M-N; Chikandiwa A; Sawadogo B
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999)
Comparison of careHPV and hybrid capture 2 assays for detection of high-risk human Papillomavirus DNA in cervical samples from HIV-1-infected African women.
Ngou J; Magooa MP; Gilham C; Djigma F; Didelot M-N; Kelly H; Yonli A; Sawadogo B; Lewis DA; Delany-Moretlwe S
Journal of clinical microbiology
Efficacy of HPV-based screening for prevention of invasive cervical cancer: follow-up of four European randomised controlled trials.
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A comparison of HPV DNA testing and liquid based cytology over three rounds of primary cervical screening: extended follow up in the ARTISTIC trial.
Kitchener HC; Gilham C; Sargent A; Bailey A; Albrow R; Roberts C; Desai M; Mather J; Turner A; Moss S
European journal of cancer (Oxford, England
ARTISTIC: a randomised trial of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing in primary cervical screening.
Kitchener HC; Almonte M; Gilham C; Dowie R; Stoykova B; Sargent A; Roberts C; Desai M; Peto J; ARTISTIC Trial Study Group
Health technology assessment (Winchester, England)
HPV testing in combination with liquid-based cytology in primary cervical screening (ARTISTIC): a randomised controlled trial.
Kitchener HC; Almonte M; Thomson C; Wheeler P; Sargent A; Stoykova B; Gilham C; Baysson H; Roberts C; Dowie R
The lancet oncology
Occupational, domestic and environmental mesothelioma risks in the British population: a case-control study.
Rake C; Gilham C; Hatch J; Darnton A; Hodgson J; Peto J
British journal of cancer
Optimal threshold for a positive hybrid capture 2 test for detection of human papillomavirus: data from the ARTISTIC trial.
Sargent A; Bailey A; Turner A; Almonte M; Gilham C; Baysson H; Peto J; Roberts C; Thomson C; Desai M
Journal of clinical microbiology
HPV testing in routine cervical screening: cross sectional data from the ARTISTIC trial.
Kitchener HC; Almonte M; Wheeler P; Desai M; Gilham C; Bailey A; Sargent A; Peto J; ARTISTIC Trial Study Group
British journal of cancer
Day care in infancy and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: findings from UK case-control study.
Gilham C; Peto J; Simpson J; Roman E; Eden TOB; Greaves MF; Alexander FE; UKCCS Investigators
Cervical HPV infection and neoplasia in a large population-based prospective study: the Manchester cohort.
Peto J; Gilham C; Deacon J; Taylor C; Evans C; Binns W; Haywood M; Elanko N; Coleman D; Yule R
British journal of cancer
Harms and benefits of screening to prevent cervical cancer
Peto J; Gilham C; Fletcher O
The cervical cancer epidemic that screening has prevented in the UK.
Peto J; Gilham C; Fletcher O; Matthews FE
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