Miss Amber Geer

Clinical Trials Data Manager

United Kingdom


Department of Medical Statistics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Selected Publications

Maternal anaemia and the risk of postpartum haemorrhage: a cohort analysis of data from the WOMAN-2 trial.
WOMAN-2 trial collaborators. Electronic address: w,; WOMAN-2 trial collaborators,;
The Lancet Global Health
Alternative routes for tranexamic acid treatment in obstetric bleeding (WOMAN-PharmacoTXA trial): a randomised trial and pharmacological study in caesarean section births.
SHAKUR-STILL, H; ROBERTS, I; Grassin-Delyle, S; Chaudhri, R; GEER, A; ARRIBAS, M; Lamy, E; MANSUKHANI, R; Lubeya, MK; Javaid, K; Kayani, A; Israr, N; Mazhar, SB; Urien, S; Bouazza, N; Foissac, F; Prowse, D; Carrington, L; Barrow, C; ONANDIA, JG; BALOGUN, E;
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
Tranexamic acid to reduce head injury death in people with traumatic brain injury: the CRASH-3 international RCT.
ROBERTS, I; SHAKUR-STILL, H; Aeron-Thomas, A; BEAUMONT, D; Belli, A; BRENNER, A; Cargill, M; Chaudhri, R; Douglas, N; Frimley, L; Gilliam, C; GEER, A; JAMAL, Z; Jooma, R; MANSUKHANI, R; MINERS, A; Pott, J; Prowse, D; Shokunbi, T; WILLIAMS, J;
Health technology assessment (Winchester, England)
Understanding the neuroprotective effect of tranexamic acid: an exploratory analysis of the CRASH-3 randomised trial.
BRENNER, A; Belli, A; Chaudhri, R; Coats, T; Frimley, L; Jamaluddin, SF; Jooma, R; MANSUKHANI, R; Sandercock, P; SHAKUR-STILL, H; Shokunbi, T; ROBERTS, I; CRASH-3 trial collaborators,;
Effect of tranexamic acid by baseline risk of death in acute bleeding patients: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data from 28 333 patients.
AGERON, F-X; Gayet-Ageron, A; Ker, K; Coats, TJ; SHAKUR-STILL, H; Roberts, I; Antifibrinolytics Trials Collaboration,;
Effect of treatment delay on the effectiveness and safety of antifibrinolytics in acute severe haemorrhage: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data from 40 138 bleeding patients.
Gayet-Ageron, A; PRIETO-MERINO, D; Ker, K; SHAKUR, H; AGERON, F-X; ROBERTS, I; Antifibrinolytic Trials Collaboration,;
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