Miss Emily Fivian

Research Fellow

United Kingdom

I am a global health nutritionist specializing in equity-focused research on nutrition-sensitive interventions in South Asia. I apply an intersectional lens to my research, analysing how multiple social characteristics intersect to create complex systems of privilege and marginalization in the context of nutrition inequalities and intervention research.

My current work focuses on using intersectionality to investigate differences in the reach and benefits of existing nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions in five states of rural India and designing and testing climate- and gender-sensitive and socially equitable market interventions that improve diets in rural, marginalised communities in Bihar, India.


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


MSc in Nutrition for Global Health
Provided teaching support on the following modules: Fundamentals in Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition in Emergencies and Maternal and Child Nutrition
Supervised 3 summer projects
Tutor to 2 students on average each each
Member of the MSc in Nutrition for Global Health Course Committee


Research Area
Impact evaluation
Economic evaluation
Implementation science
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
South Asia

Selected Publications

Feasibility, acceptability and equity of a mobile intervention for Upscaling Participatory Action and Videos for Agriculture and Nutrition (m-UPAVAN) in rural Odisha, India.
FIVIAN, E; Parida, M; HARRIS-FRY, H; Mohanty, S; Padhan, S; Pradhan, R; Das, P; Odhiambo, G; Prost, A; Roopnaraine, T; Behera, S; James, P; Mishra, NK; Rath, S; Nair, N; Rath, S; Koniz-Booher, P; Danton, H; ALLEN, E; KADIYALA, S;
PLOS global public health
The Extent, Range, and Nature of Quantitative Nutrition Research Engaging with Intersectional Inequalities: A Systematic Scoping Review.
FIVIAN, E; HARRIS-FRY, H; Offner, C; Zaman, M; Shankar, B; ALLEN, E; KADIYALA, S;
Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.)
Mobile Interventions for Upscaling Participatory Action and Videos for Agriculture and Nutrition (m-UPAVAN): Qualitative Interview Data
FIVIAN, E; Parida, M; Mohanty, S; HARRIS-FRY, H; Padhan, S; KADIYALA, S;
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Upscaling Participatory Action and Videos for Agriculture and Nutrition (UPAVAN) study data
FIVIAN, E; HARRIS-FRY, H; Pradhan, R; Mohanty, S; Padhan, S; Rath, S; James, P; Koniz-Booher, P; Nair, N; Haghparast-Bidgoli, H; Kishor Mishra, N; Rath, S; BEAUMONT, E; Danton, H; Krishnan, S; Parida, M; Kumar, A; Upadhyay, A; Tripathy, P; Skordis, J; STURGESS, J; ELBOURNE, D; Prost, A; ALLEN, E; KADIYALA, S;
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Data for: Mobile Interventions for Upscaling Participatory Action and Videos for Agriculture and Nutrition (m-UPAVAN)
FIVIAN, E; KADIYALA, S; HARRIS-FRY, H; ALLEN, E; Parida, M; Satyanarayan, M; Satyaranjan, B; Shibanath, P; Ronali, P;
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Women's empowerment, production choices, and crop diversity in Burkina Faso, India, Malawi, and Tanzania: a secondary analysis of cross-sectional data.
Connors, K; Jaacks, LM; Awasthi, A; Becker, K; Bezner Kerr, R; FIVIAN, E; Gelli, A; HARRIS-FRY, H; Heckert, J; KADIYALA, S; Martinez, E; Santoso, MV; Young, SL; Bliznashka, L;
The Lancet Planetary health
Assessing needs for interdisciplinarity in agriculture, nutrition, and health education
Roshania, RP; YATES, J; McIntyre, L; Chancellor, T; FIVIAN, E; Hill, M; Isoto, R; Marinda, P; Narayanan, S; Whatford, L; Zotor, F; Khandelwal, S;
Global Food Security
Intrahousehold power inequalities and cooperation: Unpacking household responses to nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions in rural India.
HARRIS-FRY, H; Prost, A; Beaumont, E; FIVIAN, E; Mohanty, S; Parida, M; Pradhan, R; Sahu, S; Padhan, S; Mishra, NK; Rath, S; Rath, S; Koniz-Booher, P; ALLEN, E; KADIYALA, S;
Maternal and child nutrition
Economic Evaluation of Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Interventions to Increase Maternal and Child Dietary Diversity and Nutritional Status in Rural Odisha, India.
Haghparast-Bidgoli, H; Harris-Fry, H; Kumar, A; Pradhan, R; Mishra, NK; Padhan, S; Ojha, AK; Mishra, SN; FIVIAN, E; James, P; Ferguson, S; Krishnan, S; O'Hearn, M; Palmer, T; Koniz-Booher, P; Danton, H; Minovi, S; Mohanty, S; Rath, S; Rath, S; Nair, N; Tripathy, P; Prost, A; ALLEN, E; Skordis, J; ... KADIYALA, S.
The Journal of nutrition
Understanding the effects of nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions with participatory videos and women's group meetings on maternal and child nutrition in rural Odisha, India: A mixed-methods process evaluation.
Prost, A; HARRIS-FRY, H; Mohanty, S; Parida, M; Krishnan, S; FIVIAN, E; Rath, S; Nair, N; Mishra, NK; Padhan, S; Pradhan, R; Sahu, S; Skordis, J; Danton, H; Koniz-Booher, P; BEAUMONT, E; James, P; ALLEN, E; ELBOURNE, D; KADIYALA, S;
Maternal and Child Nutrition
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