Mr Matthew Dodd

Research Fellow in Medical Statistics

United Kingdom

I have worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) since February 2013. Initially, I worked as a Data Manager within the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), before completing an MSc in Medical Statistics at LSHTM and starting a new role as a Research Fellow in Medical Statistics. This role involves providing data management and statistical support for several randomised controlled trials overseen by the LSHTM CTU. I am also currently undertaking a part-time PhD assessing the performance of statistical methods for handling non-adherence to interventions in randomised non-inferiority trials.


Department of Medical Statistics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


I am co-module organiser for the face-to-face Clinical Trials module (2033) and teach predominantly on this course. I also tutor on the Regression module for the MSc in Medical Statistics and assist with the distance learning module Basic Statistics for Clinical Trials (CTM102).


I am currently providing statistical support for the following randomised controlled trials:

AIMS (investigating the effect of Irbesartan on aortic dilatation in Marfan syndrome)
ARREST (investigating the effect of expedited transfer to a cardiac arrest centre for non-ST elevation out-of-hospital cardiac arrest;
BHF PROTECT-TAVI (investigating the effect of a cerebral embolic protection device in participants with aortic valve stenosis planned for treatment by transcatheter aortic valve implantation)
CHIP-BCIS3 (investigating the effect of a strategy of percutaneous left ventricular unloading in patients undergoing high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI))
ERIC-PPCI (investigating the effect of remote ischaemic conditioning on clinical outcomes in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients undergoing primary PCI;
PREVENTT (investigating the effect of intravenous iron in patients with anaemia undergoing major open abdominal surgery;
REVIVED-BCIS2 (investigating the effect of PCI compared to optimal medical therapy alone for ischaemic left ventricular dysfunction;
TB Practecal (evaluating regimens containing Bedaquiline and Pretomanid for the treatment of adult patients with pulmonary multidrug resistant tuberculosis;

Selected Publications

Assessing efficacy in non-inferiority trials with non-adherence to interventions: Are intention-to-treat and per-protocol analyses fit for purpose?
Statistics in medicine
Percutaneous Left Ventricular Unloading During High-Risk Coronary Intervention: Rationale and Design of the CHIP-BCIS3 Randomized Controlled Trial.
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Circulation. Cardiovascular interventions
Short oral regimens for pulmonary rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (TB-PRACTECAL): an open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2B-3, multi-arm, multicentre, non-inferiority trial.
Nyang'wa, B-T; Berry, C; Kazounis, E; Motta, I; Parpieva, N; Tigay, Z; Moodliar, R; DODD, M; Solodovnikova, V; Liverko, I; Rajaram, S; Rassool, M; McHugh, T; Spigelman, M; MOORE, DA; Ritmeijer, K; Du Cros, P; Fielding, K; TB-PRACTECAL team,;
The Lancet. Respiratory medicine
Percutaneous Revascularisation for Ischemic Left Ventricular Dysfunction: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the REVIVED-BCIS2 Trial.
Chivardi, C; Morgan, H; Sculpher, MJ; CLAYTON, T; EVANS, R; DODD, M; Petrie, M; Rinaldi, A; O'Kane, P; Brown, L; Perera, D; Saramago, P;
Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes
Assessing the efficacy of tuberculosis regimens in the presence of treatment non-adherence
Union World Conference on Lung Health
Viability and Outcomes With Revascularization or Medical Therapy in Ischemic Ventricular Dysfunction: A Prespecified Secondary Analysis of the REVIVED-BCIS2 Trial.
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JAMA cardiology
The Safety and Tolerability of Linezolid in Novel Short-Course Regimens Containing Bedaquiline, Pretomanid, and Linezolid to Treat Rifampicin-Resistant Tuberculosis: An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis.
Hasan, T; Medcalf, E; Nyang'wa, B-T; Egizi, E; Berry, C; DODD, M; Foraida, S; Gegia, M; Li, M; Mirzayev, F; Morgan, H; Motta, I; Nguyen, L; Schumacher, S; Schlub, T; Fox, G;
Clinical infectious diseases
Exaggerated elastin turnover in young individuals with Marfan syndrome: new insights from the AIMS trial.
Iskandar, Z; DODD, M; Huang, J; Chin, CW L; Stuart, G; Caputo, M; CLAYTON, T; Child, A; Jin, XY; Aragon-Martin, JA; Gibb, J; Flather, M; Choy, A-M;
European heart journal open
Expedited transfer to a cardiac arrest centre for non-ST-elevation out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (ARREST): a UK prospective, multicentre, parallel, randomised clinical trial.
Patterson, T; Perkins, GD; PERKINS, A; CLAYTON, T; EVANS, R; DODD, M; ROBERTSON, S; Wilson, K; Mellett-Smith, A; Fothergill, RT; McCrone, P; Dalby, M; MacCarthy, P; Firoozi, S; Malik, I; Rakhit, R; Jain, A; Nolan, JP; Redwood, SR; ARREST trial collaborators,;
Lancet (London, England)
The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Recovery from Cardiac Surgery Over Time: Results of the Cardiaccovid Study from three Uk National Lockdowns.
Sanders, J; BEAUMONT, E; DODD, M; Murray, SE; Owens, G; Berry, A; Hyde, E; Bueser, T; CLAYTON, T; Oo, AY;
European journal of cardiovascular nursing
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