Dr Mark Carew

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom

Dr Mark Carew is an Assistant Professor at the International Centre for Evidence in Disability. He is a social psychologist by training who conducts research to address the evidence gaps that obstruct meaningful disability inclusion globally and ensure informed disability-inclusive policy and practice. He has conducted research both in the UK and internationally, particularly within low-and middle-income countries. He currently works on the £6.9 million project Programme for Evidence to Inform Disability Action [PENDA], funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office, and led by the International Centre for Evidence in Disability, where he leads process evaluations of complex, real world disability inclusion interventions.

Previously, Mark was Principal Researcher at the UK disability charity Leonard Cheshire and he currently sits on the board of the Disability Policy Centre as a Non-Executive Director.


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Mark is currently on the supervisory team for three Ph.D students at LSHTM and is interested in hearing from new prospective Ph.D. students.


Mark is a mixed methods researcher, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Areas he is particularly interested in include stigma and discrimination, inclusive education, disability and sexual health and climate change. Mark has co-authored work in each of these areas. Broadly speaking, Mark is also interested and strives to ensure that research projects and structures are inclusive, in the sense that they are spaces that involve and build the careers of future research leaders of different backgrounds, particularly researchers with disabilities and researchers from low and middle-income countries. He frequently works with non-academic stakeholders, including policymakers, NGOs, and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities.

Selected Publications

Counting who makes the grade: Updated estimates of the share of over-age for grade learners in sub-Saharan Africa using MICS6 data
International Journal of Educational Development
Impact of a disability-targeted microentrepreneurship programme in Kenya: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the InBusiness programme.
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Student Teachers' Positive Perceptions of Characteristics and Personality of People on the Autism Spectrum: "Challenging in a Positive Way".
Soan, S; Lindblom, A; Dindar, K; Kärnä, E; CAREW, MT;
Journal of autism and developmental disorders
Unprotected: the consequences of climate change for the health of persons with albinism.
CAREW, MT; Keogh, M; Gliksohn, A; Mbuli-Robertson, S; Miti-Drummond, M-A;
BMJ global health
"These attitudes are a pressure": women with disabilities' perceptions of how stigma shapes their sexual health choices.
CAREW, MT; Dhingra, S; Bash-Taqi, R; Koroma, HK; Fraser, T; McLaren, M; Groce, N;
Culture, Health & Sexuality
Creating a better post-pandemic future for adolescents with disabilities
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The Ebola crisis and people with disabilities' access to healthcare and government services in Liberia.
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"When They See a Wheelchair, They've Not Even Seen Me"-Factors Shaping the Experience of Disability Stigma and Discrimination in Kenya.
Barbareschi, G; CAREW, MT; Johnson, EA; Kopi, N; Holloway, C;
International journal of environmental research and public health
Physical Disability and Sexuality
Springer International Publishing
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