Miss Nouria Brikci-Nigassa

Research Fellow

United Kingdom

Nouria Brikci is an experienced health financing and health policy specialist with over 20 years’ experience working across LMICs and FCAS. She has worked with various governments in the analysis, development, and implementation of their health financing strategies (Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, Morocco, Swaziland, Nepal, amongst others) and is an accomplished team leader. Nouria is currently a research fellow in health economics at LSHTM in Health policy and Health Systems, and an independent senior health financing consultant. Prior to this, Nouria was the OPM health portfolio leader, has worked as a senior health policy adviser at Save the Children UK, and as a research adviser for MSF. Nouria holds a PhD in health systems and policy at LSHTM, a Masters in Development Studies at SOAS and a Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from LSE and LSHTM. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Italian.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Nouria teaches in the Health Policy, Process and Power course and the Health Systems course.


Health financing in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs); political economy; health systems and policy in LMICs
Sierra Leone
Cote d'Ivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Central African Republic
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Improving the efficiency in spending for health: A systematic review of evidence
Brikci, N; Alao, R; Wang, H; ERLANGGA, D; Hanson, K;
SSM - Health Systems
Innovative domestic financing mechanisms for health in Africa: An evidence review.
Brikci, N;
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy
The Lancet Global Health Commission on financing primary health care: putting people at the centre.
HANSON, K; Brikci, N; ERLANGGA, D; Alebachew, A; De Allegri, M; BALABANOVA, D; Blecher, M; Cashin, C; Esperato, A; Hipgrave, D; Kalisa, I; Kurowski, C; Meng, Q; Morgan, D; Mtei, G; NOLTE, E; Onoka, C; POWELL-JACKSON, T; Roland, M; Sadanandan, R; Stenberg, K; Vega Morales, J; Wang, H; Wurie, H;
The Lancet Global health
Revenue-raising potential for universal health coverage in Benin, Mali, Mozambique and Togo.
Mathauer, I; Koch, K; Zita, S; Murray-Zmijewski, A; Traore, M; Bitho, N; Brikci, N;
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
What, why and how do health systems learn from one another? Insights from eight low- and middle-income country case studies.
Witter, S; Anderson, I; Annear, P; Awosusi, A; Bhandari, NN; Brikci, N; Binachon, B; Chanturidze, T; Gilbert, K; Jensen, C; Lievens, T; McPake, B; Raichowdhury, S; Jones, A;
Health Research Policy and Systems
The free healthcare initiative in Sierra Leone: Evaluating a health system reform, 2010-2015.
Witter, S; Brikci, N; Harris, T; Williams, R; Keen, S; Mujica, A; Jones, A; Murray-Zmijewski, A; Bale, B; Leigh, B; Renner, A;
The International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Removing user fees: learning from international experience to support the process
McPake, B; Brikci, N; Cometto, G; Schmidt, A; Araujo, E;
Health Policy and Planning
Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems: what next?
McCoy, D; Brikci, N;
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Can private equity deliver on equity?
Cometto, G; Brikci, N;
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
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