Dr Hilary Bower

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

United Kingdom


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Dynamics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Antimicrobial Resistance Centre

Selected Publications

Influence of Landscape Patterns on Exposure to Lassa Fever Virus, Guinea
Longet, S; Leggio, C; Bore, JA; Key, S; Tipton, T; Hall, Y; Koundouno, FR; BOWER, H; Bhattacharyya, T; Magassouba, N; Günther, S; Henao-Restrapo, A-M; Rossman, JS; Konde, MK; Fornace, K; Carroll, MW;
Emerging infectious diseases
Influence of landscape patterns on the exposure of LASV across diverse regions within the Republic of Guinea
Longet, S; Leggio, C; Bore, JA; Tipton, T; Hall, Y; Koundouno, FR; Key, S; BOWER, H; Bhattacharyya, T; Magassouba, N; Günther, S; Henao-Restrapo, A-M; Rossman, JS; Konde, MK; Fornace, K; Carroll, MW;
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
"Learn from the lessons and don't forget them": Identifying transferable lessons for COVID-19 from meningitis A, yellow fever, and Ebola virus disease vaccination campaigns
COLLINS, J; Westerveld, R; Nelson, KA; ROHAN, H; BOWER, H; Lazenby, S; Ikilezi, G; Bartlein, R; Bausch, DG; KENNEDY, DS;
BMJ Global Health
"Kankasha" in Kassala: A prospective observational cohort study of the clinical characteristics, epidemiology, genetic origin, and chronic impact of the 2018 epidemic of Chikungunya virus infection in Kassala, Sudan.
BOWER, H; El Karsany, M; Adam, AA A H; Idriss, MI; Alzain, MA; Alfakiyousif, ME A; Mohamed, R; Mahmoud, I; Albadri, O; Mahmoud, SA A; Abdalla, OI; Eldigail, M; Elagib, N; Arnold, U; Gutierrez, B; Pybus, OG; Carter, DP; Pullan, ST; Jacob, ST; Abdallah, TM; Gannon, B; Fletcher, TE;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Boosting understanding of Lassa Fever virus epidemiology: Field testing a novel assay to identify past Lassa Fever virus infection in blood and oral fluids of survivors and unexposed controls in Sierra Leone.
Akpogheneta, O; Dicks, S; Grant, D; Kanneh, Z; Jusu, B; Edem-Hotah, J; Kanneh, L; Alhasan, F; Gbakie, M; Schieffelin, J; Ijaz, S; Tedder, R; BOWER, H;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Safety and long-term immunogenicity of the two-dose heterologous Ad26.ZEBOV and MVA-BN-Filo Ebola vaccine regimen in adults in Sierra Leone: a combined open-label, non-randomised stage 1, and a randomised, double-blind, controlled stage 2 trial.
ISHOLA, D; Manno, D; AFOLABI, MO; Keshinro, B; Bockstal, V; Rogers, B; Owusu-Kyei, K; Serry-Bangura, A; Swaray, I; Lowe, B; Kowuor, D; BAIDEN, F; Mooney, T; Smout, E; Köhn, B; Otieno, GT; Jusu, M; Foster, J; Samai, M; Deen, GF; LARSON, H; LEES, S; Goldstein, N; Gallagher, KE; Gaddah, A; ... EBL3001 study group,
Lancet Infectious Diseases
80 questions for UK biological security.
Kemp, L; Aldridge, DC; Booy, O; BOWER, H; Browne, D; Burgmann, M; Burt, A; Cunningham, AA; Dando, M; Dick, JT A; Dye, C; Weiss Evans, S; Gallardo, B; Godfray, HC J; Goodfellow, I; Gubbins, S; Holt, LA; Jones, KE; Kandil, H; Martin, P; McCaughan, M; McLeish, C; Meany, T; Millett, K; ÓhÉigeartaigh, SS; ... Sutherland, WJ.
PLoS One
Detection of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever cases in a severe undifferentiated febrile illness outbreak in the Federal Republic of Sudan: A retrospective epidemiological and diagnostic cohort study.
BOWER, H; El Karsany, M; Alzain, M; Gannon, B; Mohamed, R; Mahmoud, I; Eldegail, M; Taha, R; Osman, A; Mohamednour, S; Semper, A; Atkinson, B; Carter, D; Dowall, S; Furneaux, J; Graham, V; Mellors, J; Osborne, J; Pullan, ST; Slack, GS; Brooks, T; HEWSON, R; Beeching, NJ; WHITWORTH, J; BAUSCH, DG; ... Fletcher, TE.
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
The UK public health rapid support team: a novel programme integrating outbreak response, operational research, and capacity building
Ashcroft, J; Gannon, B; BOWER, H; Hornsey, E; Knight, M; WHITWORTH, J; BAUSCH, DG;
Access Microbiology
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