Hilary Bower

MSc Epi MSc PH

Assistant Professor
, Epidemiologist, UK Public Health Rapid Support Team


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

0207 927 2524

I am an epidemiologist with extensive field experience in Africa and Asia and a deployable member of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team, established by LSHTM and Public Health England to respond to outbreaks, carry out research in outbreak-prone diseases, and build capacity for epidemic disease and outbreak response in low and middle income countries. My research interests are emerging and epidemic infectious diseases and improving outbreak responses and interventions.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Evaluation
Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


I tutor on Epidemiology modules in LSHTM, contribute to LSHTM Distance Learning courses, and mentor on epidemiology, outbreak investigation and response internationally. I am involved in the development of Mass Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for outbreaks and pandemics.



Ebola, Lassa Fever, Chikungunya epidemiologiy 

Severe undifferentiated febrile illness

Humanitarian health care

Seroprevalence studies

Research Area
Complex interventions
Public health
Systematic reviews
Disease control
Global Health
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Qualitative methods
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Pandemic diseases
Emerging Infectious Disease
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
Tropical diseases
Vector borne disease
Zoonotic disease

Selected Publications

\"Learn from the lessons and don't forget them\": Identifying transferable lessons for COVID-19 from meningitis A, yellow fever, and Ebola virus disease vaccination campaigns
Collins J; Westerveld R; Nelson KA; Rohan H; Bower H; Lazenby S; Ikilezi G; Bartlein R; Bausch DG; Kennedy DS
BMJ Global Health
80 questions for UK biological security.
Kemp L; Aldridge DC; Booy O; Bower H; Browne D; Burgmann M; Burt A; Cunningham AA; Dando M; Dick JTA
PLoS One
Boosting understanding of Lassa Fever virus epidemiology: Field testing a novel assay to identify past Lassa Fever virus infection in blood and oral fluids of survivors and unexposed controls in Sierra Leone.
Akpogheneta O; Dicks S; Grant D; Kanneh Z; Jusu B; Edem-Hotah J; Kanneh L; Alhasan F; Gbakie M; Schieffelin J
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
\"Kankasha\" in Kassala: A prospective observational cohort study of the clinical characteristics, epidemiology, genetic origin, and chronic impact of the 2018 epidemic of Chikungunya virus infection in Kassala, Sudan.
Bower H; El Karsany M; Adam AAAH; Idriss MI; Alzain MA; Alfakiyousif MEA; Mohamed R; Mahmoud I; Albadri O; Mahmoud SAA
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Early transmission and case fatality of Ebola virus at the index site of the 2013-16 west African Ebola outbreak: a cross-sectional seroprevalence survey.
Timothy JWS; Hall Y; Akoi-Boré J; Diallo B; Tipton TRW; Bower H; Strecker T; Glynn JR; Carroll MW
The Lancet. Infectious diseases
Detection of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever cases in a severe undifferentiated febrile illness outbreak in the Federal Republic of Sudan: A retrospective epidemiological and diagnostic cohort study.
Bower H; El Karsany M; Alzain M; Gannon B; Mohamed R; Mahmoud I; Eldegail M; Taha R; Osman A; Mohamednour S
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
The UK public health rapid support team: a novel programme integrating outbreak response, operational research, and capacity building
Ashcroft J; Gannon B; Bower H; Hornsey E; Knight M; Whitworth J; Bausch DG
Access Microbiology
Variability in Intrahousehold Transmission of Ebola Virus, and Estimation of the Household Secondary Attack Rate.
Glynn JR; Bower H; Johnson S; Turay C; Sesay D; Mansaray SH; Kamara O; Kamara AJ; Bangura MS; Checchi F
The Journal of infectious diseases
Asymptomatic infection and unrecognised Ebola virus disease in Ebola-affected households in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study using a new non-invasive assay for antibodies to Ebola virus.
Glynn JR; Bower H; Johnson S; Houlihan CF; Montesano C; Scott JT; Semple MG; Bangura MS; Kamara AJ; Kamara O
The Lancet infectious diseases
Attacks against health care in Syria, 2015-16: results from a real-time reporting tool.
Elamein M; Bower H; Valderrama C; Zedan D; Rihawi H; Almilaji K; Abdelhafeez M; Tabbal N; Almhawish N; Maes S
Exposure-Specific and Age-Specific Attack Rates for Ebola Virus Disease in Ebola-Affected Households, Sierra Leone.
Bower H; Johnson S; Bangura MS; Kamara AJ; Kamara O; Mansaray SH; Sesay D; Turay C; Checchi F; Glynn JR
Emerging infectious diseases
Effects of Mother's Illness and Breastfeeding on Risk of Ebola Virus Disease in a Cohort of Very Young Children.
Bower H; Johnson S; Bangura MS; Kamara AJ; Kamara O; Mansaray SH; Sesay D; Turay C; Checchi F; Glynn JR
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Deaths, late deaths, and role of infecting dose in Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone: retrospective cohort study.
Bower H; Smout E; Bangura MS; Kamara O; Turay C; Johnson S; Oza S; Checchi F; Glynn JR
BMJ (Clinical research ed)
Delivery of an Ebola Virus-Positive Stillborn Infant in a Rural Community Health Center, Sierra Leone, 2015.
Bower H; Grass JE; Veltus E; Brault A; Campbell S; Basile AJ; Wang D; Paddock CD; Erickson BR; Salzer JS
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
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