Dr Paul Boadu

Research Fellow

United Kingdom

I am an Applied Economist with specialties in advanced econometrics, health economics, agricultural economics, natural resources and environmental economics, and money and banking. I have a PhD in Agricultural Economics; joint Masters (MA and MPhil) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and a Certificate in Policy Impact Analysis.
I have diverse experience in applied research and policy in both developing and developed countries, and have worked in research as well as academia. Prior to joining LSHTM, I worked as a Senior Agricultural Economist at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
I started my career as a Teaching and Research Assistant in Econometrics, Project Appraisal and Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Cape Coast in 2005. I have also worked as a Research Economist at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economics Research, and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Applied Quantitative Methods at the Department of Economics, University of Ghana; Research Scientist at the CSIR-Science and Technology Policy Research Institute; and as Post-Doctoral Fellow and Policy Officer at the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, a technical arm of the African Union Commission responsible for Science, Technology and Innovation. I have experience in survey design and implementation as well as data analysis, and application of econometrics methods to evaluate policies.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I am interested in the application of econometrics and health economics principles to health and development issues. My current role involves a) evaluation of the Organ Donation (deemed Consent) Act 2019 project, and b) investigating unmet needs of older people and the current and potential role of community health services. I also contribute to other research activities in the Policy Innovation and Evaluation Research Unit. This includes providing statistical and analytical support to the public attitude towards, and use of NHS COVID-19 contact tracing apps: panel survey project, and food provision in early years’ settings in England project.
Research Area
Health care financing
Health care policy
Health impact analysis
Health services research
Systematic reviews
Older people's health
Research : policy relationship
Social and structural determinants of health
Policy analysis
Social Policy
Mixed methods research
Health inequalities
United Kingdom
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)
OECD members

Selected Publications

Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess evidence-based practice and evidence-informed practice knowledge, attitudes, understanding and behavior
Kumah, EA; Bettany-Saltikov, J; Van Schaik, P; Mcsherry, R; BOADU, P;
Teaching and Learning in Nursing
Public trust in the Government to control the spread of COVID-19 in England after the first wave-a longitudinal analysis.
European Journal of Public Health
Human and environmental impacts of nanoparticles: a scoping review of the current literature.
Kumah, EA; Fopa, RD; Harati, S; BOADU, P; Zohoori, FV; Pak, T;
BMC Public Health
Evaluation of the implementation of the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Act 2019: Is the law change likely to make a difference to ethnic minority communities?
BOADU, P; McLaughlin, L; Al-Haboubi, M; Williams, L; Bostock, J; O'NEILL, S; Noyes, J; MAYS, N;
The Organ Donation Summit
A machine-learning approach to estimating public intentions to become a living kidney donor in England: Evidence from repeated cross-sectional survey data.
BOADU, P; McLaughlin, L; AL-HABOUBI, M; Bostock, J; Noyes, J; O'NEILL, S; MAYS, N;
Frontiers in public health
Analysis of seed yam varieties, sources and quantity demanded by farmers in major yam producing districts in Ghana
BOADU, P; Aidoo, R; Ohene-Yankyera, K; Kleih, U; Abdoulaye, T; Orchard, J; Maroya, N; Owusu, M; Bekoe, S;
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science
An ex-ante evaluation of technical efficiency of Ghana’s public hospital to support national health insurance scheme implementation in Ghana
BOADU, P; Kumah, EA; Antwi-Asare, TO; Gockel, OF;
International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability
A Latent Class Modelling Approach to Evaluating Farmer’s Preferences for Pona Seed Yam Certification System and Their Willingness to Pay in Ghana
BOADU, P; Aidoo, R; Ohene-Yankyera, K; Kleih, U; Abdoulaye, T; Maroya, N; Orchard, O; Maroya, N;
International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Studies
Farmers’ Perception about Quality of Planted Seed Yam and Their Preferences for Certified Seed Yam in Ghana
BOADU, P; Aidoo, R; Ohene-Yankyera, K; Kleih, U; Abdoulaye, T; Maroya, N; Orchard, O; Bekoe, S;
International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Studies
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