Insourcing staff at LSHTM 

In August 2021, LSHTM made the commitment to bring in-house our c.60 outsourced cleaning, portering and security staff.  

These colleagues are hugely important members of the LSHTM community. This has been particularly evident throughout the pandemic, during which these staff played a crucial role in keeping our buildings open and safe, enabling our research and other critical operations to continue. 

We look forward to our outsourced staff becoming in-house employees on 1 August 2022.  

Key information about insourcing our cleaning, portering and security staff:  

  • This process is being managed under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) TUPE regulations.
  • Cleaning and porter staff are currently paid the London Living Wage (£11.05 per hour). This is 8.75% higher than the average pay for similar roles in London (£10.16 per hour). 
  •  All transferring staff will have their existing employment arrangements protected, and their terms and conditions will be enhanced immediately upon moving in-house. 
  • Transferring staff will benefit from the same terms and conditions as all LSHTM colleagues, including annual leave, wellbeing days, carer’s leave, sick pay, and access to LSHTM pension schemes. 
  • Shortly after the transfer, a consultation will be held with these staff members about moving onto LSHTM salary scales, which includes a role evaluation as standard practice. Moving onto LSHTM salary scales can only result in an increase in rates of pay and confirmed increases will be backdated to 1 August 2022. 

Our trade union colleagues in UNISON who represent some of the staff in these roles are working collaboratively with us on the insourcing project.