Alumni Profile: Sinead Callinan

Sinead Callinan

Current job title and organisation

Vice President, Global Client Services THREAD Research.

Can you please tell us a bit about your current work/research?

I manage the professional services team that implement digital transformation and patient engagement solutions for clinical trials including telehealth, electronic clinical outcome assessments within a unified technology platform.

What course and year did you study at LSHTM?

I studied the certificate and the MSc program in Clinical Trials graduating in 2014.

Why did you choose to study with LSHTM?

The Clinical Trials programme was the most extensive programme available covering all the theoretical and practical skills required to plan, design, manage and assess clinical research.

Did you have to overcome any challenges to study with us?     

Studying remotely whilst working full-time was challenging and I wish I had engaged more with the University Forums.

What were your favourite memories from your studies with us?          

Sitting exams with the familiar faces from the course.

Networking and seeing the diversity of students and teaching faculty.

How has your LSHTM degree helped you in your career?          

My degree helped me transition from my clinical role to industry.

What would you like to achieve in future?       

Collaborating with industry, pharma, public health and academia, I would like to play a part in making clinical trials as a care option a real solution for access to innovative therapies and novel medicines for rare and life-threatening diseases.

Meeting patients where they are to reduce the burden of participation in research will be critical to enabling diversity, equity and inclusion for representative data in drug development.

Do you have any advice for students/recent graduates?

Make an effort to engage with peers and faculty to create connections and relationships – if you are lucky you will meet them again throughout your career!     

Do you have any social handles (Twitter/Facebook usernames) you would like us to use?

LinkedIn: Sinéad C.