Alumni Profile: Tala Ezz Edin

Meet our distance-learning alumni, Tala Ezz Edin, an Advocacy Manager at the International Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organisation.

Tala Ezz Edin obtained a Master of Science in Public Health through distance learning and graduated in 2020.
Tala Ezz Edin

Can you please tell us a bit about your current work/research

I will be starting a new role with an independent medical humanitarian organisation as advocacy manager.

My role will entail analysing medical and humanitarian issues in a conflict context and leading the formulation of an advocacy strategy responding to the main concerns. In addition to maintaining good rapport with different interlocutors relevant to the context.

Did you have to overcome any challenges to study with us?

I had to overcome logistical challenges pertaining to the constant lack of electricity and instability of the internet connection. Additionally, I had to complete my program while working full time in a challenging context.

I had to travel to another country to take my exams (prior to COVID-19) and I was faced with numerous obstacles in receiving any shipment of study materials and my certificate of completion.

What were your favourite memories from your studies with us?

Although I studied completely online, I was happy to have a positive environment of collegiality and mutual support from program coordinators and peers alike. 

One of my favourite moments was attending a reception for LSHTM alumni in Geneva two years after completing my MSc program. Being welcomed to this event and others, made me feel like I belong to the community of LSHTM made up of inspiring individuals from all over the world.

What would you like to achieve in future?

I would like to continue growing in humanitarian action while focusing on the right to health care for populations affected by crises worldwide. I would envision working in research related to equitable health for marginalized populations after gaining sufficient field experience.

Do you have any advice for students/recent graduates?

I would advise students and recent graduates to keep an open mind to new challenges that may alter their original plans. I would encourage them to relate the extensive knowledge gained in theory to its implementation and obstacles to doing so in real-life situations.

As an aside, Tala also told us how thankful she was to LSHTM ‘for giving me the opportunity to share my experience and to talk about the challenges I had to overcome to obtain this degree.’

See Tala's LinkedIn profile.