LLHM Runner: Kate Gerrand

Kate Gerrand (MSc Public Health and Environment, 2020) is one of 15 alumni, staff and students running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for LSHTM’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Kate works as a Science Policy Advisor for the UK Health Security Agency and has started training early mornings and late nights around her role. We asked her why she decided to run, why she would like to run for LSHTM and how COVID-19 affected her life.
Kate Gerrand outside Keppel Street

“I’m excited for my first ever road race around the most scenic parts of London for a fantastic cause. In my work in COVID-19 research and therapeutics response, we work with LSHTM colleagues constantly. LSHTM’s response to COVID-19 has been excellent, they have contributed enormously to the UK response. Like most of us, my everyday life has been completely turned upside down by COVID-19. However, I have had the privilege to continue working and focus on COVID research policy for the NIHR, as well as finishing my MSc at the same time. By running the LLHM, I want to contribute to the mission of pandemic preparedness as well as supporting the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners.

“Although I usually only ever run when chasing a ball, I’m spending the next two months training to run the furthest distance I have ever gone. If you’re looking for a running buddy, let me know; I’m always looking for more friends to keep me company on the longer ones.”

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